HyperText Mark-up Language


The WWW system uses marked-up text to represent a hypertext document for transmision over the network. The hypertext mark-up language is an SGML format. WWW parsers should ignore tags which they do not understand, and ignore attributes which they do not understand of tags which they do understand.

To find out how to write HTML, or to write a program to generate it, read the following sections:-

Default text
How text is interpreted when uninfluenced by tags
The tags
A list of the tags used in HTML with their significance.
Special characters are represented by SGML entities
The SGML document type definition for HTML.
The following do not form part of the specifciation.
A file containing a variety of tags used for test purposes. See also finding examples on the web .
Future directions
Changes suggested for HTML improvements
Design constraints for HTML which might explain some of its properties.
See also
New spec
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