Change History

Changes to the Mail Robot, in reverse chronological order:

October 1992

TBL added information retrieval possibility using WWW. Release as an unsupported W3 product to those who ask for it.


TBL rewrote str.c (used to overwrite its arguments).


A. E. Mossberg, made a couple minor changes, to make it slightly less UCSD-specific. He also added a README, and example files in the subdirectory example-files.


Note this is NOT the bitnet LISTSERV program. The term "mail robot" is yused to attempt to prevent confusion between these two products, which have different functionality although they do basically the same sort of thing.

This was the UCSD listserv program, which AEM retrieved from by anonymous ftp, TBL retrieved from As retrieved, from file://, it consisted of the following files:

README Makefile commands.c listserv.h main.c str.c subscribe.c