Installation -- /LineMode

Installing WWW

This section describes how to install the World-Wide Web line-mode browser called "www". First of all, The browser has already been ported to many machines. Check the list of machine types for your machine. If your machine is not one of those, see the section on porting .

If the binary is available

If you found your machine type, check in the anonymous FTP archive for the subdirectory of /pub/www/bin for your machine. If that directory exists and contains a file named www with some version number appended, then select binary mode and take the file, calling your copy www. Otherwise, go to >a href=#Compiling>"compiling from source" .

Compiling from source

If a binary is not available, get the sources.


The "make install" step creates a copy in your system directories of the www executable and the basic documenattion. If you wish to just soft link them to the files on the WWW tree, say "make link" instead. After either of these, "make clean" will remove intermediate files.

Make yourself at home

You must now check that the default "Home" page works, and customize it if it is not what you want. The default home page just a place to start. The cern.html file (distributed at the same time) is an example of a customized home page. You may wish to chose one of these as a basis.

Setting up news

To read Internet news, you must have first defined the news server's address .
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