Things to be done

There are many of these ...if you have a moment, take your pick! Some of these would make good projects, or would be a way your organization could contribute to the building of the web.

There are also special lists of little things to do for each existing project such as the line mode browser , the NeXT browser , the common library , and the server .

Client side

More clients
Clients exist for many platforms, but not all. Editors only exist on the NeXT, but will be really useful for sourcing info and group work. (Group editor?)
Search engines
Now the web of data and indexes exists, some really smart intelligent algorithms ("knowbots?") could run on it. Recursive index and link tracing, Just think...
Text from hypertext
We need a quick way to print a book from the web. (A simple method using TeX exists)

Server side

Server upgrade
Easier to install, port. Export directories as hypertext. Run shell scripts embedded in the directory for virtual documents and searches.
More Servers
See the list of things we have thought of or been pointed to.
WAIS integration
WAIS protocol extensions to allow hypertext; HTML data type, docids to be conforming UDIs. Integrate WAIS in client too.
Integrate client and server
A client which generates HTML becomes a general purpose gateway. Especially useful for sites where general access to news, external internet, etc, is limited.

Other software

JANET and DECnet for example. Real need.
HTTP enhancements
Format conversion, authorization, better logging information for statistics.
Mail manager
A hypertext view of a mail archive with lists of messages by author, topic, with links between messages. A friendly face on a mail archive would be a great project management tool.
HTTP enhancements
Format conversion, authorization, better logging information for statistics.
Form processing
If you can edit hypertext, you edit a hypertext form and return it. To be able to submit a form back to the server would allow special search patterns, administrative processing, electronic voting, ...
Graphic overview
Display the web from any document in a graphical form.


Hypertext leading a new or prospective user through W3.
Canned demos
A hypertext path through some good represenattive places to visit. Maybe a script to make a timed presentation (with sound?).
Would save us giving so many talks!
Policy documents
Statements on NIR: collect from institutes, provide background for organizations making NIR policy decisions.
Tim BL