Viola installation instructions

This describes how to get hold of the Viola WWW browser, and install it on your own machine.

See also: possibly out-of-date copies of "About Viola" and the Viola-WWW online help .

(NOTE: This document is temporary: it only applies to the latest Viola beta-test

Files you need

Using anonymous FTP, pick up the tar file ViolaWWW_920515.tar.Z from the /pub/www/src directory on Uncompress it and un tar it. You will get a new directory ViolaWWW_920515 under which you will find the apps directory and a bin directory (and a src directory you don't need) Write a small shell script like #! /bin/csh /.../bin/viola.decstation -path /.../apps & Call this script vw, give it execute mode chmod +x vw and put it into some directory which is in your path (like your own bin or /usr/local/bin if you can be root). Of course in the script above replace the ... with the actual path name of wherever you have put the viola files. Type rehash so that your shell knows about the new command. That's all I think you need to do. Just type vw When the application starts, click on the big question-mark for help. You can personalise the home page by defining the WWW_HOME environment variable as for www. mail if you have problems.
Tim BL