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EDITION 2.1 - July 1992

[This version roughly marked up by Tim BL 20 Aug 92 an may be out of date. The master file is unfortunately not on the web -- see instructions below for getting copies. I have added links to archive sites but they are sparse and may not all work.

For news and reviews of online journals, see also the newsgroups alt.zine and rec.mag.]

*** Compiled by: *** *** Dept. Religious Studies *** *** Michael Strangelove 177 Waller, *** *** CONTENTS Project Director Ottawa, Ontario *** *** University of Ottawa Canada K1N 6N5 *** *** (441495@Acadvm1.UOttawa.CA) VOICE: (613) 237-2052 *** *** (441495@UOTTAWA) FAX: (613) 564-6641 *** This project was made possible through funding from the Research Centre for the Study of Religion, Department of Religious Studies University of Ottawa. N.B. - This Directory is intended for free dissemination as long as this header remains intact. The compilation as a whole is Copyright (C) by Michael Strangelove, 1991. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted for noncommercial use by electronic bulletin board/conference systems, individuals and libraries. All commercial use requires the permission of the author. The Association of Research Libraries is the only authorized not-for-profit distributer of print copies of the Directory of Electronic Journals and Newsletters. To obtain a printed version of the Directory, contact: Office of Scientific & Academic Publishing Association of Research Libraries 1527 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036 USA ARLHQ@UMDC.Bitnet (202) 232-2466 (voice) (202) 462-7849 (fax) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Contributions and corrections to this directory should be sent to Michael Strangelove (441495@Acadvm1.UOttawa.CA) and MUST be in the following format (use as much space as necessary): TITLE: ISSN #: (if any) Description: To Subscribe: (via Bitnet and Internet) Submissions: (whom to sent submissions to and in what form) Related List: (how to subscribe to a related list, if any) Periodicity: Back Issues: (how to access them) Contact: (for more information) _____________________________________________________________ Journals and Newsletters _____________________________________________________________ >>> TABLE OF CONTENTS <<< [THE FOLLOWING IS IN THE FILE EJOURNL1 DIRECTRY - This file] >>> Section 1: Information <<< Introduction How to Retrieve This Directory From Networked Sources Networked Resources for Electronic Publication Electronic Serials and Related Topics: A Brief Bibliography How to Submit an Entry to the Directory Getting an ISSN for an Electronic Journal How to Start an E-Newsletter PACS-L Review Special Issue on Networked Based E-Serials Changes to the Second Edition >>> Section 2: Electronic Journals <<< Inactive Electronic Journals Active Journals: $ indicates subscription is not free ** indicates journal is peer reviewed Subject area is indicated (when necessary) within square brakets [ ] Art Com [Contemporary art and new communication technologies] ArtsNet Review [Contemporary cross-cultural, arts and electronic networking issues] Bryn Mawr Classical Review ** CATALYST: The Community Services Catalyst [Community college educators] CORE [A literary journal for short fiction, poetry, and essays] DargonZine [Dargon Project fiction anthology] The Distance Education Online Symposium ** EJournal [Implications of electronic documents and networks] The Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic ** Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de Communication (EJC/REC) [Communication theory, research, practice, and policy] Fineart Forum [Application of science and technology to the contemporary arts and music] ** Flora Online [Systematic botany] Intertext [An electronic fiction digest] IOUDAIOS Review [Reviews in Early Judaism and Christian origins] Issues In Science and Technology Librarianship $ ** Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research Journal of Technology Education LIBRES (Library and Information Science Research Electronic Conference) MeckJournal [A monthly from Meckler Publishing] ** New Horizons in Adult Education NetWeaver Offline [Computers in religious studies] Online Chronicle of Distance Education and Communication The Public-Access Computer Systems News ** The Public-Access Computer Systems Review Pigulki [News and humor relating to Poland and Polish issues] ** Postmodern Culture ** PSYCOLOQUY Quanta [Science fiction and fantasy] ** RD: Graduate Research in the Arts The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS Socjety Journal [Alumni journal of the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland] SOLSTICE: An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics TeXMaG (TeX Typesetting System) TeX Publication Distribution List Textual Studies in Canada [THE FOLLOWING IS IN THE FILE EJOURNL2 DIRECTRY] >>> Section 3: Electronic Newsletters <<< Access ACQNET (The Acquisitions Librarians Electronic Network) ALCTS Network News (AN2 - The Association of Library Collections and Technical Services) American Psychological Association's Research Funding Bulletin Arts Wire News Automatome BEN (Botanical Electronic News) Between the Lines Buffer CANOPUS Magazine CCNEWS CERFNet News ChE Electronic Newsletter (Chemical Engineering) Christian Growth Newsletter Class Four Relay Magazine Computer Science Center Link Computing and Telecommunications Newsletter Computists' Communique Consortium Update Cosmic Update CPSR/PDX Newsletter (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility) CRTNet - Communication Research and Theory Current Cites DDN MANAGEMENT BULLETIN DECNEWS for Education and Research DevelopNet News Deutschland Nachrichten Digit Digital Games Review Disaster Research Donosy Drosophila Information Newsletter EFFector Online (The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc.) Electronic AIR Electronic Hebrew Users Newsletter Energy and Climate Information and Exchange (ECIX) Newsletter and Digest Energy Research in Israel Newsletter Erofile Ethnomusicology Research Digest Fine Art, Science and Technology News (F.A.S.T. News) FARNET Gazette GLOSAS News (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulating Association) GNU's Bulletin (Newsletter of the Free Software Foundation) HICNet Newsletter (Mednews - Health Infocom Newsletter History and Analysis of Disabilities Newsletter Hot Off the Tree (HOTT) Impact Online International Voice Newsletter Prototype List IS P.O.B. Bulletin YSSTI (Yugoslav System for Scientific and Technology Information) Laboratory Primate Newsletter Law and Politics Book Review Leonardo Electronic News Link Letter List Review Service MAB Northern Sciences Network Newsletter Machine Readable Texts News Material Science in Israel Newsletter MichNet News MICnews NEARnet Newsletter Network Audio Bits and Audio Software Review NetMonth Net-News Newsbrief Newsletter on Serials Pricing Issues Newsline (Comserve) News of Earth NIBNews - A Monthly Electronic Bulletin About Medical Informatics NLSNews Newsletter Old English Computer-Assisted Language Learning Newsletter (OE-CALL) Output Political Analysis and Research Cooperation (PARC) News Bulletin Principia Cybernetica Newsletter Prompt The Purple Thunderbolt of Spode (PURPS) Research and Educational Applications of Computers in Humanities (REACH) Rezo, bulletin irregulomadaire du RQSS $ St. Petersburg Business News SCUP Bitnet News (Society for College and University Planners) SCUPMA-L (Society of College and University Planners, Mid-Atlantic Region) Sense of Place South Florida Environmental Reader $ The Teleputing Hotline And Field Computing Source Letter Teiresias THINKNET (Electronic newsletter on philosophy, systems theory, interdisciplinary studies, and thoughtful conversation in cyberspace) TitNeT -- Titnews -- Titnotes VapourWare ViewPoints (Newsletter of the Visual Communication Division of the Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication [AEJMC]) The Week in Germany >>> Section 4: Hypercard Stacks, Digest-Newsletters and Others <<< Chile News Database China News Digest Comp.Archives Desktop Publishing Digest Electronic College of Theory The Handicap Digest Instant Math Preprints (IMP) IRList (Information Retrieval List Digest) Risks-Forum Digest Simulation Digest Simulations Online TidBITS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> Section 1: Information <<< INTRODUCTION The Directory of Electronic Journals and Newsletters is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of all electronic journals and newsletters which are of academic interest and available through Bitnet, Internet and any affiliated networks. This Directory is part of an ongoing project and is updated as new electronic journals and newsletters come into existence and as existing entries are changed. Every effort has been made to provide the user with up-to-date information. Most entries have been either provided from or scrutinized by the journal and newsletter editors themselves to assure accuracy. The primary intent of this Directory is to catalog all existing electronic journals and newsletters that are available over the various academic networks. A secondary intention is to catalog all e-serials that are being produced over the commercial networks. Thus, over time this Directory will provide an entirely comprehensive listing of all e-serials. As the traditional taxonomy of "journal" and "newsletter" is ill-suited to the diversity of formats found within the networks, a third category of "Hypercard Stacks, Digest-Newsletters and Others" (Section 4) is here included. This section catalogs hypercard stacks and other formats that represent significant sources of information that are similar in nature to journals and newsletters. It should be noted that digests which are straightforward collections of conversational questions and answers are considered to be a type of list, but any digests which mix a simple list format with the newsletter format are here included. Ordinary (conversational) digests and lists are covered in Diane Kovacs' compilation, Academic Lists. Thus, no attempt has been made to provide a comprehensive listing of the hundreds of existing digests in this Directory. For a complete catalog of digests and lists the reader is encourage to retrieve the Global List with the command: TELL LISTSERV AT NDSUVM1 GET INTEREST PACKAGE Or through FTP to (NISC.SRI.COM) GET /netinfo/interest-groups Link Warning - this file will be sent to you in twelve or more sections and is over 500K in size. The philosophy behind the presentation of the information within this Directory is based on the intention of providing the reader with the most up-to-date information that is possible and in the most comprehensive fashion. Thus, I have avoided editing descriptions as size is not a factor for an e-text. I have also listed partial entries in the interest of providing the reader with the maximum of available information (these incomplete entries will be marked as such). This makes it possible for the reader to follow leads I have not yet completed and, in turn, to provide me with information not yet represented in the latest edition of the Directory. Users of this document are encouraged to sent me notices of defunct entries, new entries and related information and suggestions. By this means I hope to utilize fully the best features of the Net and to make information available in a fashion that draws upon and promotes the unique strength of the virtual community. I hope to be able to provide a Wordperfect version of this low ascii file on a FTP server in the Fall of 1992. I am indeted to the countless individuals who have contributed to this project and helped create the first and only comprehensive Directory of Electronic Journals and Newsletters. Michael Strangelove University of Ottawa (441495@Uottawa) (441495@Acadvm1.Uottawa.Ca) >>> How To Retrieve This Directory From Networked Sources <<< The Directory is currently available in ASCII text from the following locations: (1) CONTENTS PROJECT Listserv Fileserver Send the following commands as an e-mail message to listserv@uottawa or GET EJOURNL1 DIRECTRY GET EJOURNL2 DIRECTRY (Please note the spelling carefully) (2) Comserve NB - The name of the Directory files changes to EJournal1 Sources and EJournal2 Sources on the Comserve fileserver. Send an electronic mail message to Comserve@Rpiecs (Bitnet) or Comserve@Vm.Ecs.Rpi.Edu (Internet) with the following command appearing on the first line of the message: Send EJournl1 Sources Send EJournl2 Sources No other words, punctuation, or symbols should appear in the electronic mail message. Comserve is an automated system for file retrieval; it will acknowledge receipt of your message and let you know that the files have been sent to you. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> Networked Resources for Electronic Publication <<< ** CCNEWS - Campus Computing Newsletter An electronic newsletter that focuses on writing, editing, design, and production of campus computing publications. To subscribe: send an interactive message or mail to LISTSERV@BITNIC containing: SUB CCNEWS your name An index of back issues is available by sending an interactive message or mail to LISTSERV@BITNIC containing: GET ARTICLES INDEX Contact: Wendy Rickard Bollentin, Editor. CCNEWS@EDUCOM ** Scholarly Electronic Journals and Electronic Publishing Issues List VPIEJ-L@VTVM1.BITNET VPIEJ-L@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU VPIEJ-L is a discussion list for electronic publishing issues, especially those related to Scholarly Electronic Journals. To subscribe, send the following command to LISTSERV@VTVM1 or LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU in the BODY of mail (NOT subject) or in an interactive message: SUB VPIEJ-L your name Contact: James Powell, List Owner <JPOWELL@VTVM1.BITNET> <JPOWELL@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU> ** Economic Models for Networked Information A special double issue of Serials Review 18(1-2) (1992) contains almost thrity articles on topics of direct interest to electronic publishing. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> Electronic Serials and Related Topics: A Brief Bibliography <<< By Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Alexander, Adrian W., and Julie S. Alexander. "Intellectual Property Rights and the 'Sacred Engine': Scholarly Publishing in the Electronic Age." Advances in Library Resource Sharing 1 (1990): 176-192. Amiran, Eyal, Elaine Orr, and John Unsworth. "Refereed Electronic Journals and the Future of Scholarly Publishing." Advances in Library Automation and Networking 4 (1991): 25-53. Amiran, Eyal, and John Unsworth. "Postmodern Culture: Publishing in the Electronic Medium." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 67-76. (To retrieve this article, send an e-mail message that says "GET AMIRAN PRV2N1 F=MAIL" to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU.) Bailey, Charles W., Jr. "Electronic (Online) Publishing in Action . . . The Public-Access Computer Systems Review and Other Electronic Serials." Online 15 (January 1991): 28-35. Bailey, Charles W., Jr. "Network-Based Electronic Serials." Information Technology and Libraries 11 (March 1992): 29-35. Brown, Heather. "Standards for Structured Documents." The Computer Journal 32, no. 6 (1989): 505-514. Duggan, Mary Kay. "Copyright of Electronic Information: Issues and Questions." Online 15 (May 1991): 20-26. Gardner, William. "The Electronic Archive: Scientific Publishing for the 1990s." Psychological Science 1 (November 1990): 333- 341. Harnad, Stevan. "Post-Gutenburg Galaxy: The Fourth Revolution in the Means of Production of Knowledge." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 39-53. (To retrieve this article, send an e-mail message that says "GET HARNAD PRV2N1 F=MAIL" to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU.) Harnad, Stevan. "Scholarly Skywriting and the Prepublication Continuum of Scientific Inquiry." Psychological Science 1 (November 1990): 342-344. Harrison, Teresa M., Timothy Stephen, and James Winter. "Online Journals: Disciplinary Designs for Electronic Scholarship." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 25-38. (To retrieve this article, send an e-mail message that says "GET HARRISON PRV2N1 F=MAIL" to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU.) Hugo, Jane, and Linda Newell. "New Horizons in Adult Education: The First Five Years (1987-1991)." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 77-90. (To retrieve this article, send an e-mail message that says "GET HUGO PRV2N1 F=MAIL" to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU.) Jennings, Edward M. "EJournal: An Account of the First Two Years." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 91-110. (To retrieve this article, send an e-mail message that says "GET JENNINGS PRV2N1 F=MAIL" to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU.) King, Tim. "Critical Issues for Providers of Network-Accessible Information." EDUCOM Review 26 (Summer 1991): 29-33. King, Timothy B. "The Impact of Electronic and Networking Technologies on the Delivery of Scholarly Information." The Serials Librarian 21, no. 2/3 (1991): 5-13. Kovacs, Diane, Willard McCarty, and Michael Kovacs. "How to Start and Manage a BITNET LISTSERV Discussion Group: A Beginner's Guide." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 128-143. 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College & Research Libraries 52 (July 1991): 315-327. Neavill, Gordon B. "Electronic Publishing, Libraries, and the Survival of Information." Library Resources & Technical Services 28 (January/March 1984): 76-89. Okerson, Ann. "Back to Academia? The Case for American Universities to Publish Their Own Research." Logos 2, no. 2 (1991): 106-112. Okerson, Ann. "The Electronic Journal: What, Whence, and When?" The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 5-24. (To retrieve this article, send an e-mail message that says "GET OKERSON PRV2N1 F=MAIL" to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU.) Okerson, Ann, and Kendon Stubbs. "The Library 'Doomsday' Machine." Publishers Weekly, 8 February 1991. Okerson, Ann. "With Feathers: Effects of Copyright and Ownership on Scholarly Publishing." College & Research Libraries 52 (September 1991): 425-438. Piternick, Anne B. "Electronic Serials: Realistic or Unrealistic Solution to the Journal 'Crisis'?" The Serials Librarian 21, no. 2/3 (1991): 15-31. Piternick, Anne B. "Serials and New Technology: The State of the 'Electronic Journal.'" Canadian Library Journal 46 (April 1989): 93-97. Quarterman, John S. The Matrix: Computer Networks and Conferencing Systems Worldwide. Bedford, MA: Digital Press, 1990. Rogers, Sharon J., and Charlene S. Hurt. "How Scholarly Communication Should Work in the 21st Century." College & Research Libraries 51 (January 1990): 5-8. Savage, Lon. "The Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 54-66. (To retrieve this article, send an e- mail message that says "GET SAVAGE PRV2N1 F=MAIL" to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU.) Strangelove, Michael, and Diane Kovacs. Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists, 2nd ed. Washington, D.C.: Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing, Association of Research Libraries, 1992. "Task Force Report Looks at Future of Information Services." Bulletin of the American Physical Society 36 (April 1991): 1105- 1151. Tuttle, Marcia. "The Newsletter on Serials Pricing Issues." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 111-127. (To retrieve this article, send an e-mail message that says "GET TUTTLE PRV2N1 F=MAIL" to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU.) Yavarkovsky, Jerome. "A University-Based Electronic Publishing Network." EDUCOM Review 25 (Fall 1990): 14-20. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (C) 1992 by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. All Rights Reserved. Copying is permitted for noncommercial use by computer conferences, individual scholars, and libraries. This message must appear on all copied material. All commercial use requires permission. +------------------------------------------------------------+ | Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Voice: (713) 743-9804 | | Assistant Director For Systems FAX: (713) 743-9748 | | University Libraries BITNET: LIB3@UHUPVM1 | | University of Houston CompuServe: 71161,3410 | | Houston, TX 77204-2091 | |------------------------------------------------------------| | Co-Editor, Advances in Library Automation and Networking | | Editor-in-Chief, The Public-Access Computer Systems Review | | Co-Editor, Public-Access Computer Systems News | +------------------------------------------------------------+ Revised 4/23/92 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> How To Submit an Entry to the Directory <<< Contributions, corrections and communications should be sent to: Michael Strangelove at (441495@Uottawa) BITNET or (441495@Acadvm1.Uottawa.Ca) and MUST be in the following format (use as much space as necessary): TITLE: ISSN #: (if any) Description: To Subscribe: (via Bitnet and Internet) Submissions: (to whom to send submissions and in what form) Related List: (how to subscribe to a related list, if any) Back Issues: (how to access them) Periodicity: Contact: (for more information) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> Getting an ISSN for an Electronic Journal <<< by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. University of Houston LIB3@UHUPVM1 >From NetMonth: The Independent Guide to BITNET 4, no. 5 (September 1990): 5-6. The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique eight-digit number that identifies a particular serial. For serials published in the U.S., ISSN numbers are assigned by the National Serials Data Program (NSDP) of the Library of Congress. Recently, NSDP assigned an ISSN to The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, an electronic journal that complements the Public-Access Computer Systems Forum (PACS-L@UHUPVM1). The PACS Forum is a moderated Bitnet list that deals with all computer systems that libraries make available to their users, and it currently has over 1,100 subscribers in 25 countries. The PACS Review, which is published two times a year, deals with the same subject matter as the PACS Forum. When an issue is published, PACS Forum users are notified by a table of contents message, which describes that issue's article files and provides instructions for retrieving the files. NSDP also created a bibliographic record for the PACS Review in the OCLC Online Union Catalog, a twenty-million-record database that is widely used by libraries for cataloging, interlibrary loan, reference, and other purposes. (A more powerful, user-friendly version of the OCLC Online Union Catalog called EPIC has just been made available for fee-based searching.) A bibliographic record describes a serial (or other work) in a standard machine-readable format according to established cataloging rules. It is noteworthy and commendable that NSDP took the initiative to assign the PACS Review an ISSN number and to catalog it; I never contacted them requesting that they do so. NSDP staff learned of the PACS Review as the result of two speeches I made about the publication at a recent national library conference. The assignment of an ISSN number and the creation of a bibliographic record on OCLC makes an electronic journal more accessible to libraries and their users. Electronic publishers are fortunate that NSDP has taken a progressive, proactive stand on electronic journals, and it is treating them seriously. I would urge other electronic publishers to contact NSDP and obtain ISSN numbers for their electronic journals. The appropriate application form is contained in a brochure called "ISSN is for Serials," which is available from NSDP. For further information about getting an ISSN number contact: In the USA: Library of Congress National Serials Data Program Washington, D.C. 20540 (202) 707-6452 ------------------------------ In CANADA: ISDS Canada National Library of Canada 395 Wellington Street Ottawa K1A 0N4 Phone: (819) 994-6895 Fax: (819) 953-0291 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> How to Start an E-Newsletter <<< This is a short article on how to produce an electronic newsletter, written by the editor of CPSR News, Eric Nilsson. It is available by sending the e- mail message: GET START-UP ENEWSLTR to listserv@uottawa or ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> PACS Review Special Issue on Networked Based E-Serials <<< A SPECIAL SECTION OF THE PACS REVIEW ON NETWORK-BASED ELECTRONIC SERIALS By Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Network-based electronic serials are serials that are primarily "published" on computer networks like BITNET and Internet. Little has been written about these innovative publications; however, the first issue of volume two of The Public-Access Computer Systems Review provides a rare inside look at them in a "Special Section on Network-Based Electronic Serials." All of the authors in this special section have played an important role in fostering this new communication medium, and most are the editors and/or publishers of e-serials. The Public-Access Computer Systems Review is an electronic journal that is published by the University of Houston Libraries. You can retrieve an article by sending one of the commands listed after the article's description in an e-mail message to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 (BITNET) or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU (Internet). The first command retrieves the article as a file. The second command retrieves the article as an e-mail message. If you are not an experienced network user or you are not on BITNET, it is recommended that you retrieve articles as e-mail messages. ARTICLES IN THE SPECIAL SECTION ON NETWORK-BASED ELECTRONIC SERIALS In "The Electronic Journal: What, Whence, and When?," Ann Okerson surveys current and future e-journal publication activities. She discusses publishers' visions of e-journals, and she identifies four major groups of potential e-journal publishers: existing publishers, intermediary organizations (e.g., ISI and CARL), researchers and scholars, and universities. She concludes by forecasting how e-journals may evolve during the next 9 years. (GET OKERSON PRV2N1 or GET OKERSON PRV2N1 F=MAIL) In "Online Journals: Disciplinary Designs for Electronic Scholarship," Teresa Harrison et al. examine and critique the e- journal concept, then describe the Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de Communication (EJC/REC). EJC/REC is a referred, bilingual journal dealing with communication. It is part of the innovate Comserve service, which provides communication scholars with a variety of electronic information services (e.g., directory information, journal indexes, access to over 1,000 files, and 20 computer conferences). (GET HARRISON PRV2N1 or GET HARRISON PRV2N1 F=MAIL) In "Post-Gutenburg Galaxy: The Fourth Revolution in the Means of Production of Knowledge," Stevan Harnad discusses the three historical revolutions in knowledge production (speech, writing, and print) and the emerging fourth revolution--electronic "skywriting" on the Net. He examines the limitations of our print-based scholarly communication system, and describes how electronic communication can support scholarly skywriting, a process that allows scholars to get rapid feedback about promising ideas and theories from colleagues worldwide. He then describes Psycoloquy, a referred psychology e-journal that embodies the scholarly skywriting process. (GET HARNAD PRV2N1 or GET HARNAD PRV2N1 F=MAIL) In "The Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research," Lon Savage describes a referred e-journal for researchers in hotel, restaurant, and institutional management and tourism. JIAHR is sponsored by the International Academy of Hospitality Research and published by Virginia Tech's Scholarly Communications Project. JIAHR issues are composed of single articles, and a related computer conference complements the journal. Savage discusses how individual subscribers and libraries have dealt with receiving an e-journal. JIAHR is an interesting example of how the Net can be used to publish a fee-based journal for a small, specialized audience. (GET SAVAGE PRV2N1 or GET SAVAGE PRV2N1 F=MAIL) In "Postmodern Culture: Publishing in the Electronic Medium," Eyal Amiran and John Unsworth describe the refereed journal Postmodern Culture, which deals with contemporary literature, theory, and culture. Postmodern Culture is free on the Net, and a subscription fee is charged for disk or microfiche versions of the journal. A computer conference, PMC-Talk, complements the journal. The authors also discuss the future of e-journals. (GET AMIRAN PRV2N1 or GET AMIRAN PRV2N1 F=MAIL) In "New Horizons in Adult Education: The First Five Years (1987- 1991)," Jane Hugo and Linda Newell describe the evolution of one of the first (if not the first) refereed e-journals on the Net. This unique adult education journal is edited by graduate students. (GET HUGO PRV2N1 or GET HUGO PRV2N1 F=MAIL) In "EJournal: An Account of the First Two Years," Edward Jennings provides a personal look at his efforts to establish and publish a refereed e-journal on electronic networks and texts. This behind-the-scenes narrative reveals some of the trials and tribulations that may face the prospective e-journal publisher. (GET JENNINGS PRV2N1 or GET JENNINGS PRV2N1 F=MAIL) In "The Newsletter on Serials Pricing Issues," Marcia Tuttle describes the evolution and publishing practices of this e- newsletter, which deals with serials concerns. In addition to BITNET and Internet, the newsletter is also published on ALANET, DataLinx, and EBSCONET. She also discusses a variety of electronic publishing issues. (GET TUTTLE PRV2N1 or GET TUTTLE PRV2N1 F=MAIL) ANOTHER ARTICLE OF INTEREST FROM THE SAME ISSUE In "How to Start and Manage a BITNET LISTSERV Discussion Group: A Beginner's Guide," Diane Kovacs et al. discuss the steps to set up and run a computer conference using the Revised LISTSERV software. LISTSERV is a very widely used software package that supports both computer conferences and e-serial publication on BITNET (many existing e-serials are distributed with this software). It runs on IBM mainframes under the VM/CMS operating system. (GET KOVACS PRV2N1 or GET KOVACS PRV2N1 F=MAIL) Copyright (C) 1992 by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. All Rights Reserved. (Republished herein with permisiion of the author) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> Changes to the Second Edition <<< (1) Name Changes: The Online Journal of Distance Education and Communication is now titled the Online Chronicle of Distance Education and Communication. The Computing and Telecommunications Newsletter is now titled Computing and Network News. The Digital Games Review Digest is now titled Digital Games Review. The AIR Bitnet Newsletter is now the Electronic AIR. (2) Revised Entries: ACQNET Access Automatome Bryn Mawr Classical Review CANOPUS Magazine CERFNet News China News Digest Class Four Relay Magazine Consortium Update Cosmic Update CPSR/PDX Newsletter Current Cites DargonZine DevelopNet News Donosy Drosophila Information Newsletter Electronic College of Theory Electronic Hebrew Users Newsletter (E-Hug) Ethnomusicology Research Digest Fineart Forum Intertext Journal of International Academy of Hospitality Research LIBRES Link Letter New Horizons In Adult Education Newsbrief News of Earth Principia Cybernetica Newsletter Prompt Postmodern Culture PSYCOLOQUY The Public-Access Computer Systems Review The Public-Access Computer Systems News The Purple Thunderbolt of Spode (PURPS) Qaunta REACH Risks-Forum Digest Socjety Journal TeX Publication Distribution List TidBITS (3) New Entries: American Psychological Association's Research Funding Bulletin Arts Wire News BEN (Botanical Electronic News) Catalyst Christian Growth Newsletter CORE DDN MANAGEMENT BULLETIN DECNEWS for Education and Research Energy and Climate Information and Exchange (ECIX) Newsletter and Digest FARNET Gazette Flora Online GLOSAS News (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulating Association) Instant Math Preprints (IMP) International Voice Newsletter Prototype List IOUDAIOS Review Issues In Science and Technology Librarianship Leonardo Electronic News List Review Service Journal of Technology Education MeckJournal Net-News NIBNews - A Monthly Electronic Bulletin About Medical Informatics Political Analysis and Research Cooperation (PARC) News Bulletin RD: Graduate Research in the Arts The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS St. Petersburg Business News SOLSTICE: An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics The Teleputing Hotline And Field Computing Source Letter Teiresias THINKNET (Electronic newsletter on philosophy, systems theory, interdisciplinary studies, and thoughtful conversation in cyberspace) TitNeT -- Titnews -- Titnotes ViewPoints (Newsletter of the Visual Communication Division of the Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)). (4) Deleted (no longer active) Entries Activist Times Inc. The Big Byte Currents The Micro Byte NewsBytes (The Northern Arizona University Computer Services' newsletter) Tetrahedron Computing Methodology World Cultures +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ >>> Section 2: Journals <<< INACTIVE E-JOURNALS AND NEWSLETTERS The following are either defunct, inactive or are simply no longer available (or never were available) in e-text form. ACTIVIST'S NEWSLETTER ACTIVIST TIMES INC. ALTERNATIVES JOURNAL ATHENE THE BIG BYTE BIOSPHERE CURRENTS FSFNET MAGAZINE INTERACTIVE JOURNAL OF CREATIVE FICTION THE MICRO BYTE NEWSBYTES NORTHWESTNET NEWS NSF Network News ONLINE NOTES OTHER REALMS RITA-L (ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE) SOCIAL WORK NEWSLETTER SWIFTCURRENT SYNAPASE TETRAHEDRON COMPUTING METHODOLOGY TRANSST WORLD CULTURES >>> ACTIVE E-JOURNALS <<< >>> ART COM <<< An online magazine forum dedicated to the interface of contemporary art and new communication technologies. To subscribe: To access the Art Com Electronic Network on the WELL, enter g acen at the Ok: prompt. The Art Com Electronic Network is also accessible on USENET as alt.artcom. For access information, send e-mail to: Submissions: You are invited to send information for possible inclusion. We are especially interested in options that can be acted upon: including conferences, exhibitions, and publications. Proposals for guest-edited issues are also encouraged. Send submissions to: well! / well! / Back Issues: Back issues of ART COM can be accessed on the Art Com Electronic Network (ACEN) on the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL), available through the CompuServe Packet Network and PC Pursuit. Contact: ( ( >>> ArtsNet Review <<< An Australian magazine dedicated to Contemporary Cross-Cultural, Arts and Electronic Networking Issues. To Subscribe: (NEED MORE INFO HERE) Contact: P.O. Box 429, Eastwood 5063, South Australia. APC address is peg:suephil UUCP address is DIALCOM address is (DE3PEG)suephil! >>> Bryn Mawr Classical Review <<< The Bryn Mawr Classical Review is an electronic book review journal published at Bryn Mawr College and the University of Pennsylvania. The editors are Richard Hamilton at Bryn Mawr and James J. O'Donnell at Penn; reviewers are drawn from a nationwide pool. Publication began in 1990. Electronic subscriptions are free. To subscribe: Send mail to mailserv@brynmawr.bitnet or to with the text SUBSCRIBE BMCR-L. Submissions: Inquiries and submissions for the list should be sent to bmcr@brynmawr.bitnet or Electronic publication is irregular and continual, with individual items published as available; the published material is collected and published in traditional form five or more times a year. For calendar year 1991, seven hard copy issues were published, containing approximately 120 book reviews. Subscriptions to the hard copy publication cost $10 per year; to subscribe, write: Bryn Mawr Classical Review Thomas Library Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010 Contact: James O'Donnell (JODONNEL@PENNSAS.UPENN.EDU) >>> CATALYST: The Community Services Catalyst <<< The Community Services Catalyst, a refereed print journal that has been serving community college educators for more than twenty years, is now distributed as an electronic journal in addition to its print version. The quarterly journal is published by the National Council on Community Services and Continuing Education, an affiliate council of the American Association of Community, Junior and Technical Colleges. The journal is being made available in its electronic form by the Scholarly Communications Project of Virginia Tech, which is seeking to explore some of the new frontiers in electronic communication of scholarly work. CATALYST currently is distributed in its print form to dues-paying members of the Council, as a benefit of their membership, and to libraries and other non-members at subscription prices of $20 per year in the U.S., $25 outside the U.S. The journal has a paid circulation (including members) of approximately 1200. Electronic subscribers, in addition to having access to past issues of the journal, will be sent the Tables of Contents of future issues as those issues are published; the subscribers then may order full texts by electronic mail from their own computers of any and all articles they wish to read. Currently, all articles from Issues Number 3 and 4 of Volume 21 (1991) are available on line. CATALYST is reviewed and indexed in the CURRENT INDEX TO JOURNALS IN EDUCATION and in ERIC and is available in microfilm and microfiche from University Microfilms International. Articles submitted for publication are reviewed by the editorial staff and editorial board. Initiated in 1971, CATALYST is the second oldest continuously published journal in the community college field. It publishes practictioner-oriented articles on practices in continuing /community education as delivered by community colleges, including papers on research in the field. The journal is printed at Virginia Tech, a fact that makes it easier to coordinate the printed and electronic versions. To Subscribe: To subscribe to the electronic journal, one need send only the command "SUBSCRIBE CATALYST Firstname Lastname" [where Firstname Lastname are the first and last names of the individual subscriber] by electronic mail to the address: LISTSERV@VTVM1 on Bitnet and LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU on the Internet. John Doe, for example, would send the command SUBSCRIBE CATALYST JOHN DOE. Electronic subscribers will receive instructions on how to order a list of available articles, how to retrieve full texts of those articles, and how to cancel their subscriptions. To make access to the journal more manageable, access is provided to individual articles, rather than to entire issues. Interested readers, of course, may order all articles from an issue, on an individual basis. Contact: Lon Savage (SAVAGE@VTVM1) >>> CORE <<< CORE is an electronic literary journal and contains quality short fiction, poetry, and essays. In addition, I make an effort to find works that are unique to electronic communications -- an on-line interview for example, or exceptional Usenet posting. CORE is published monthly and is never over 30k in size. To Subscribe: Send e-mail to Please specifiy that you are subbing CORE, as I handle other lists. Submissions: Send to They should be in plain ascii, preferably without tabs. Related List: None. Back Issues: May be ftp'ed from Those without ftp access should feel free to send e-mail to to have the files mailed. Link Contact: Send e-mail to either or Rita Rouvalis ( >>> Dargonzine - The Magazine of the Dargon Project <<< DargonZine is an electronic magazine printing stories written for the Dargon Project, a shared-world anthology similar to (and inspired by) Robert Asprin's Thieves' World anthologies, created by David "Orny" Liscomb in his now retired magazine, FSFNet. The Dargon Project centers around a medieval-style duchy called Dargon in the far reaches of the Kingdom of Baranur on the world named Makdiar, and as such contains stories with a fantasy fiction/sword and sorcery flavor. At this time, DargonZine has no plans to publish anything other than Dargon Project stories, but there are several other magazines out there to satisfy this need. To Subscribe: Subscribers to DargonZine will have each new issue sent to their userid as it comes out. A subscription may be obtained by sending a request via MAIL to the editor, Dafydd, at the userid WHITE@DUVM.Bitnet. This request should contain your full userid (logonid and node, or a valid Internet address) as well as your full name and the file transfer format you prefer (either DISK DUMP, PUNCH/MAIL, or SENDFILE/NETDATA (non-Bitnet subscribers only have one option - Mail)). After that, you will receive all issues as they are sent out. Submissions: As mentioned above, the Dargon Project is a shared-world 'anthology', and as such it requires a great deal of commitment from its writers. Readers wishing to write for the Project should contact the editor for more detailed instructions about the background of the Project as well as plotlines currently in development. Of course, the first requirement for joining the project is to read all of the Project's output to date to get to know the characters and world being written about. Back issues of FSFNet, the Project's first home, are available from the Listserv@TCSVM (and FTPable from (in numbers, See above for back issue information about DargonZine. Link Back Issues: Back issues have been moved to the FTPable archive machine ( They are stored there in compressed format under the directory rpg/fiction/dargon in the form of dzv.n, where v=volume and n=number. They should be retrieved in binary format and must be uncompressed via the standard unix uncompress command. NOTE: it is possible for BitNet users without a direct internet connection to do FTP - try sending a 'help' to BitFTP or send me mail asking how to use it. Link Contact: (White@Duvm) >>> The Distance Education Online Symposium <<< DEOSNEWS - The Distance Education Online Symposium. The American Center for the Study of Distance Education at The Pennsylvania State University organizes DEOS and publishes The American Journal of Distance Education. Our goal is to integrate the electronic medium and the printed medium to serve professionals and students in the field of distance education. Contact: Richard Lee Holbert X075RT@TAMVM1.BITNET P.O.Box 4111 X075RT@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU Bryan, Texas 77805-4111 AK152@CLEVELAND.FREENET.EDU The Distance Education Online Symposium The American Center for the Study of Distance Education The Pennsylvania State University College of Education 403 South Allen Street, Suite 206 University Park, Pennsylvania 16801-5202, U.S.A. Telephone: 814-863-3764 Fax: 814-865-5878 DEOS Editor: Morten Flate Paulsen Compuserve: 76436,350 Bitnet: MFP101@PSUVM >>> EJOURNAL <<< An electronic journal concerned with the implications of electronic documents and networks. EJournal is a peer-reviewed, academic periodical interested in theory and praxis surrounding the creation, transmission, storage, interpretation, alteration and replication of electronic text. Its scope includes the broader social, psychological, literary, economic and pedagogical implications of computer-mediated networks. ISSN: 1054-1053 To Subscribe: Address e-mail message to---listserv@albnyvm1 Message itself---sub ejrnl Subscriber's Name Submissions: EJournal is now soliciting essays, reviews and letters for possible publication. Send essays for review, and inquires, to EJOURNAL@albnyvms.bitnet Contact: Ted Jennings, Editor, Department of English University at Albany, State University of New York (ejournal@albnyvms) Bitnet (EJOURNAL@RACHEL.ALBANY.EDU) Internet >>> The Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic <<< The Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic (EJASA) is published monthly by the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic, Inc. The ASA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of amateur and professional astronomy and space exploration, and to the social and educational needs of its members. To Subscribe: ASA membership application is open to all with an interest in astronomy and space exploration. The EJASA is available on USENET's sci.astro and newsgroups, as well as the ASA BBS at (404) 985-0408, 300/1200 Baud. Articles which appear in the EJASA may also be published in the Journal of the ASA (JASA), a hardcopy newsletter sent through U.S. Mail. The EJASA is currently available only through USENET and the ASA BBS, though I will mail a requested issue to someone on Bitnet if possible. I do not maintain a large net mailing list for logistics reasons. Submissions: Article submissions to the EJASA on astronomy and space exploration are most welcome. Please send your on-line articles in ASCII format to Larry Klaes, EJASA Editor. When sending your article submissions, please be certain to include either a network or regular mail address where you can be reached, a telephone number, and a brief biographical sketch. Articles submitted, unless otherwise stated, become the property of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic, Inc. Though the articles will not be used for profit, they are subject to editing, abridgment, and other changes. Copying or reprinting of the EJASA, in part or in whole, is encouraged, provided clear attribution is made to the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic, the Electronic Journal, and the author(s). This Journal is Copyright (c) 1991 by the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic, Inc. Back Issues: Available upon request. Contact: Astronomical Society of the Atlantic (ASA) c/o Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) Georgia State University (GSU) Atlanta, Georgia 30303 U.S.A. Don Barry, ASA President - or ASA BBS at (404) 985-0408, 300/1200 Baud ASA telephone Recording - (404) 264-0451 Larry Klaes, EJASA Editor - or - ...!decwrl!!klaes or - or - >>> The Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de Communication (EJC/REC) <<< The EJC/REC is a quarterly, bilingual (English and French) journal in academic publication in the communication field. It is devoted to the study of communication theory, research, practice, and policy. ISSN: 1183-5656 To Subscribe: Comserve is the distribution channel for EJC/REC. To subscribe to EJC/REC, send the following command on the first line of an electronic mail message to Comserve@Rpiecs (Bitnet) or Comserve@Vm.Ecs.Rpi.Edu (Internet): Join EJCREC Your Namee.g.:Join EJCREC Debra J. Smith Submissions: Send manuscript and one page abstract by electronic mail to: Jim Winter, Winter@UCC.UWindsor.CA (English) Claude Martin, Martin@CC.UMontreal.CA (French) Articles and manuscripts may also be submitted on computer disks in ASCII format along with one page abstracts. Mail computer disks to: EJCREC Jim Winter Claude Martin Dept. of Communication Studies Dept. de Communication University of Windsor Universite de Montreal Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4 C.P. 6128, Station A Canada Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7 Canada Related List: A free electronic resource for students and professionals who study human communication, Comserve is the distribution channel or "publisher" for EJC/REC. Also available through Comserve is a growing collection of bibliographies, research materials, announcements of professional meetings, grant opportunities, syllabi, class exercises, job announcements, and other resources relevant to the communication field. For more information about Comserve, send the word "help" (without quotation marks) on the first line of the body of an electronic mail message to one of the Comserve addresses provided above. Back Issues: A directory of all EJC/REC articles is available on Comserve. To obtain the directory, send the following command to Comserve (addresses provided above): Send EJCREC Directry Articles that appeared in back issues of EJC/REC can be obtained through Comserve by issuing the following command: Send Filename Filetype (Filenames and filetypes for each article are found in the EJCREC Directry.) Contact: For further information, please contact: Jim Winter, Winter@UCC.UWindsor.CA or Claude Martin, Martin@CC.UMontreal.CA or Comserve Editorial Staff, Support@Rpiecs (Bitnet) or Support@Vm.Ecs.Rpi.Edu (Internet) >>> Fineart Forum <<< Fineart Forum is a moderated electronic newsletter published monthly by ISAST on behalf of ASTN and distributed internationally over the electronic networks. The newsletter covers all applications of science and technology to the contemporary arts and music. Space Arts (note the s) News is a newsletter published by the Space Art Working Group of ISAST. It covers news items relating to all aspects of space art, photography and architecture. To Subscribe: Send requests for subscription to Fineart Forum to: Americas: ( or (FAST@UCBGARNE.bitnet) with the message:SUB FINE-ART your e-mail address first-name, last-name, and postal address. Paper copies USD $55 per year subscription (includes Leonardo Electronic Newsletter). Pay ISAST, Box 75, 1442A Walnut, Berkeley, CA 94709. Submissions: Send submissions of items to be published in Fineart Forum to or FAST@UCBGARNE.bitnet. Related List: The ISAST Electronic Mail Directory is now available 24 hours a day on FAST, ISAST's Fine Art Science and Technology Online Bulletin Board and Database. Updated regularly, the Electronic Mail Directory provides the names and E-mail and postal addresses of over 200 professionals in the arts, sciences and technology, including subscribers to Fineart Forum. A paper copy of this Directory is also available from ISAST at $10 for members and $15 for non-members, contact or send mail to the address below. We would also like to remind you that the Electronic Mail Directory--and FAF--are only two of the total services provided by FAST. FAST also includes: Holography Hotline; Space Arts News; Words on Works; ISAST Member News; Calendars of Events; Directory of Organizations and Resources; Job Listings; and Bibliographies and Abstracts FAST is updated weekly and available on ACEN on The WELL conferencing system for a $20.00 annual subscription fee to ISAST Members, $40.00 to Non-Members (exclusive of online costs). For those without access to a modem, FAST is also available on diskette for an annual subscription fee of $60.00 to ISAST Members, $90.00 to Non-Members; or $17.00 per quarter to ISAST Members, $25.00 to Non-Members. How to Subscribe to FAST: Send a check payable to ISAST to Box 75, 1442A Walnut Street, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA. Online subscribers must include WELL logon. Exec. Editor: Roger Malina Editor: Nancy Nelson ASTN President: Annick Bureaud, ASTN, 57 Rue Falguiere, Paris France Correspondents: Canada - Jeff Mann (intacc! Italy - Francesco Giomi ( Japan - Hiroshi Okuno ( USA - Judy Malloy ( - Susan Kirchman ( ISEA - Wim Van der Plas - ( Published by: The International Society for Art, Science and Technology (ISAST) on behalf of: The Art, Science and Technology Network (ASTN) with support from: The Macmillan Foundation, Hochscholl voor de Kunsten Utrecht and the Visualization Laboratory, Texas A&M University. Contact: >>> Flora Online <<< Peer-reviewed electronic journal for systematic botany. Includes original data-intensive studies or original programs dealing with botanical topics. ISSN: 0892-9106 To Subscribe: Issues are available free online by dial up at 716-896-7581 (8-N-1), or through anonymous FTP at; also available on MS-DOS formatted diskettes at $7.50 each. Ten diskettes cover the 27 issues published to date. Write Clinton Herbarium, Buffalo Museum of Science, 1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14211. Link Submissions: Richard H. Zander, Editor of Flora Online at above address. Text files should be in straight ASCII to reach the maximum readership; programs should be MS-DOS. Back Issues: Available in the same fashion as the most recent issue. Contact: Editor at above address. >>> Intertext - An Electronic Fiction Digest <<< Intertext is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the publication of quality fiction. Non-fiction articles may also appear occasionally. To Subscribe: Subscribe by mailing -- specify ASCII or postscript Submissions: Submit stories and non-fiction to Back Issues: via FTP at Link Contact: Jason Snell ( >>> IOUDAIOS Review <<< IOUDAIOS Review is the serial electronic publication of IOUDAIOS@YORKVM1, the international electronic forum for scholarship on Early Judaism and Christian Origins. It is a review journal, which uses the electronic medium to provide thorough peer reviews quickly. It uses a simplified SGML system to facilitate electronic distribution. ISSN 1183-9937 To Subscribe: Subscription available through IOUDAIOS: send mail message SUB IOUDAIOS Your Name substituting your name for "Your Name", to LISTSERV@YORKVM1 (BITNET) or (internet). Submissions: Submissions are invited and scrutinized by the editors, though the editors remain open to receiving unsolicited reviews. Related List: IOUDAIOS (see above) Back Issues: Back issues are available on the fileserver at YORKVM1. Contact: David Reimer, Wilfrid Laurier Unversity >>> Issues In Science and Technology Librarianship <<< Issues In Science and Technology Librarianship is a publication of the Science and Technology Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries, American Library Association. It is part of the STS Electronic Communicatons Program and is sent out over the internet. This publication is in its formative stages but expects to provide short substantial articles on timely and important topics in science and technology librarianship. It will also provide conference and workshop reports as well as short correspondences. Special columns are in the process of being developed to address service issues and hot topics. Issues In Science and Technology Librarianship is a produced by an electronic publicaton subcommittee of the Newsletter Committee of STS. This publication does not intend to duplicate other electronic publications but intends to cover areas not currently available in electronic format. To Subscribe: Send a message to ACRLSTS@HAL.UNM.EDU This is not a Listserver address. Submissions: ACRLSTS@HAL.UNM.EDU Unsolicited articles will be reviewed by an editorial board. Back Issues: ACRLSTS@HAL.UNM.EDU Contact: Harry LLull, Editor, Centennial Science and Engineering Library, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87112. ACRLSTS@HAL.UNM.EDU >>> Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research <<< The Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research is published by The Scholarly Communications Project of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA., for the International Academy of Hospitality Research. JIAHR publishes refereed articles on basic and applied research in all aspects of hospitality and tourism. It is distributed via Bitnet and the Internet to paid subscribers, including members of the Academy, faculty, staff and students in hospitality/tourism research and educational programs, and libraries. An issue is sent out whenever an article is judged of sufficient quality for distribution; the first issue went out Nov. 26, 1990, the second Feb. 20, 1991, the third May 27, 1991 and the fourth Dec. 6, 1991. To Subscribe: Contact the editor and publisher at JIAHRED@VTVM1 (on Bitnet) or JIAHRED@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU on the Internet. Note - this e-journal is not free over the networks. Subscription prices are $30 per year for institutions, $20 for individuals, $10 for students. >>> Journal of Technology Education <<< The JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION provides a forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education. (This is NOT to be confused with "educational technology." Technology education is a subject area in the public schools like art, music, mathematics, etc. It was formerly known to most of the world as "industrial arts"). Articles focus on technology education research, philosophy, theory, or practice. In addition, the JOURNAL publishes book reviews, guest articles, comprehensive literature analyses, and reactions to previously published articles. ISSN 1045-1064 To Subscribe: Subscribe to the Listserv JTE-L at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU Submissions: Send five copies of manuscripts (following the APA Style) to Mark Sanders, JTE Editor, 144 Smyth Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0432. Back Issues: Some are available at $5/copy ($7 overseas) Contact: Mark Sanders (address above) or MSANDERS at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU >>> LIBRES <<< "Library and Information Science Research Electronic Conference." LIBRES is an electronic journal designed to foster library and information science research and support the development of our knowledge base. This forum will serve as a professional networking and information source. We will share ideas, solutions and experiences. LIBRES will include discussions of research in progress, reviews of research, queries and responses from participants, and conference announcements. LIBRES will be distributed monthly, mid-month as editorial staffing allows. All editors are volunteers on the LIBRES Project. Subscription is open to anyone interested. To Subscribe: You may subscribe to LIBRES by sending a subscribe command by interactive message or by e-mail. To subscribe by interactive message, send the command: "SUB LIBRES YourFirstname YourLastname"to LISTSERV@KENTVM. For example: IBM VM CMS users would enter: tell listserv at kentvm "sub LIBRES YourFirstname YourLastname" VAX VMS users would enter: send listserv@kentvm "sub LIBRES YourFirstname YourLastname You may also subscribe by sending an e-mail message to LISTSERV@KENTVM or if your account is on the Internet send to LISTSERV@KENTVM.KENT.EDU, with the following command as the text of the message. SUB LIBRES YourFirstname YourLastname You must leave the subject line empty and please don't include any extra text as a machine will read this not a human (at first) Submissions: EDITORS@KENTVM or EDITORS@KENTVM.KENT.EDU is the address to which to send submissions and questions about the LIBRES Conference Contact: The Co-Editors are Diane Kovacs -- Tom Froehlicht -- Julie McDaniel -- Amey Park -- Barbara Schloman -- Ellen Detlefsen -- Rosemary Dumont -- >>> MeckJournal <<< An Electronic Monthly from Meckler Publishing. MeckJournal, available at no charge, is an electronic service offerred through Meckler's Electronic Publishing Division. Issues include an editorial, late breaking news, feature articles published or forthcoming from any of Meckler's 14 technology- related periodicals, and other irregularly available features. ISSN 1058-692X To Subscribe: Send a message to with the following information in the body of the text: Subscribe MeckJournal [Internet or Bitnet address] Subscribers will automatically receive the current issue. Submissions: Direct submission inquiries to Nancy Nelson at, by phone (203-226-6967), by fax (203-454-5840), or by mail Meckler, 11 Ferry Lane West, Westport, CT 06880. Submissions are refereed by appropriate members of the 18 member advisory board. Related List: MC(2), an related information service is available for inspection and data searching. To access MC(2), telnet to, type nicol at login prompt, select MC(2). (no password is needed) Information included on MC(2) includes Meckler's complete publications catalog and order form: technology conference programs and registration form, MeckJournal: Tables of Contents of Meckler Journals: Document Delivery Ordering Information: CD-ROM Librarian index, 1986-1990: Computers in Libraries index, 1985-1990: Questionnaires for Response, (a) Dial in: An Annual Guide to Library OPACs, (b) CD-ROMs in Print: Library-produced CD-ROMs. Back Issues: Available on nicol (telnet to, type nicol at login prompt, select (MC(2). Contact: Nancy Nelson Meckler Publishing, 11 Ferry Lane West, Westport, CT 06880; (203)226-6967; FAX (203)454-5840. Electronic Address: Internet, Outside of North and South America, contact: Meckler Ltd., 2470249 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1HQ, U.K. (71)931-9985; FAX (71)931-8908. >>> New Horizons in Adult Education <<< NEW HORIZONS IN ADULT EDUCATION, founded in 1987, is a refereed electronic journal managed by graduate students. Using the speed of electronic transmission, NEW HORIZONS gives all types of adult educators a means to publish their most current thinking and research within adult education and related fields. The editorial staff, comprised of graduate students, sends submissions out for blind review, relays the reviewers' comments to authors, and finally, formats and distributes the revised articles in the form of NEW HORIZONS IN ADULT EDUCATION -- all this is done using the medium of mainframe computer telecommunications. NEW HORIZONS IN ADULT EDUCATION is transmitted to adult educators around the world via The Adult Education Network (AEDNET), an electronic network. AEDNET and the journal are sponsored by Syracuse University, through funding from the Kellogg Foundation. Access to NEW HORIZONS IN ADULT EDUCATION is facilitated in two ways. First the journal is free. Second, the contents of the journal are indexed in ERIC, Educational Resources Information Center. Syracuse University's Adult Education Program hopes the journal and AEDNET will be catalysts in connecting adult educators throughout the world and in promoting the exchange of ideas and research. Articles can be submitted to NEW HORIZONS in a variety of disk formats through regular land mail or electronically over AEDNET. If an individual author does not have access to mainframe computer technology, the editorial staff will work with conventional paper copies and postal systems to publish important contributions to adult education. To Subscribe: If you would like to subscribe to NEW HORIZONS IN ADULT EDUCATION, enroll in the Adult Education Network by sending an email note to aednet@suvm (for BITNET) or (for Internet) which contains your USERID and FULL NAME. Those adult educators interested in submitting articles should contact the journal at horizons@suvm or by email. Contact: Editors, NEW HORIZONS Syracuse University Adult Education Program 350 Huntington Hall Syracuse, NY 13244-2340 Tel: 315/443-3421 FAX: 315/443-5732 horizons@suvm (for BITNET) (Internet) >>> Netweaver - Newsletter of the Electronic Networking Association <<< NETWEAVER is an electronic publication of the Electronic Networking Association. To Subscribe: (NEED INFO) Contact: (NEED E-MAIL ADDRESS OF EDITOR) >>> OFFLINE <<< Robert Kraft's OFFLINE column has appeared in printed form since 1984 in the Bulletin of the Council of Societies for the Study of Religion and in the Religious Studies News. Despite its name, it also now appears in prepublication electronic form on the HUMANIST discussion list at the node BROWNVM and on the IOUDAIOS list at YORKVM1. OFFLINE began as a service of the Computer Assisted Research Group of the Society of Biblical Literature, but it attempts to cover more widely the actual and potential use of computers in religious studies in general. Currently, an editorial team often contributes items for inclusion in the column. There is no subscription list but if one is a member of either HUMANIST@BROWNMVM or IOUDAIOS@YORKVM1 then it will be sent to you as it is issued to these lists. Back Issues: Available from the HUMANIST filelist which can be obtained by issuing the command: TELL LISTSERV@BROWNVM GET HUMANIST FILELIST You may obtain a copy by issuing the command -- GET filename filetype HUMANIST -- either interactively or as a batch-job, addressed to ListServ@Brownvm. Thus on a VM/CMS system, you say interactively: TELL LISTSERV AT BROWNVM GET filename filetype HUMANIST; if you are not on a VM/CMS system, send mail to ListServ@Brownvm with the GET command as the first and only line. Contact: Please send information, suggestions or queries concerning OFFLINE to Robert A. Kraft, Box 36 College Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA 19104-6303. Telephone (215) 898-5827. Bitnet address: KRAFT@PENNDRLS (for Internet add.UPENN.EDU). To request printed information or materials from OFFLINE, please supply an appropriately sized, self-addressed envelope or an address label. A complete electronic file of OFFLINE columns (some 500K and growing) is available upon request (for IBM/DOS, Mac, or IBYCUS), or from the HUMANIST discussion group FileServer (BROWNVM.BITNET). >>> Online Journal of Distance Education and Communication <<< In the industrial age, we go to school. In the information age, school can come to us. This is the message implicit in the media and movement of distance education. The issues that the Journal is concerned with fall into four basic content areas: The Journal is interested in distance education as the organized method of reaching geographically disadvantaged learners, whether K-12, post secondary, or general enrichment students. The Journal recognizes that education encompasses a broad area of experience and that distance education includes distance communications that fall outside the domain of formal learning. The Journal welcomes contributions that deal with serving people at a distance who aren't necessarily associated with a learning institution. Once the distance education infrastructure is solidly in place, local learners will want to tap into it, because they simply prefer learning in a decentralized setting or because they want to expand their learning opportunities and resources beyond those immediately available to them. This phenomenon, which we call 'bringing distance education home,' will grow in the coming years and we look forward to hearing from people about telecommunications in education, as a tool or a content area. The Journal is interested in projects concerned with overcoming cultural barriers through the use of electronic communication. A Word About Approach: Electronic journals are different from their paper-based counterparts in two significant ways. The first is the uncompromising sequentiality of online media- readers can not skip past online articles that don't interest them the way they can in a conventional magazine. And second, generally anyone who writes for an online publication is on the same network as those who read it. Therefore, it is much easier for writers and readers to contact each other. These two aspects fit together nicely. I ask writers to contribute short (1-2 page) summary articles. Readers interested in specific articles can then ask writers directly for more detail. This approach cuts down on the network resources needed to distribute the Online Journal and allows for greater reader interactivity, while reducing the amount of unwanted information readers are forced to scroll through. To Subscribe: Send the following command to LISTSERV@UWAVM :SUB DISTED your_full_name Submissions: All contributions should be sent to JADIST@ALASKA Contact: Any other questions about DISTED can be sent to: Jason B. Ohler, Editor or Paul J. Coffin JFJBO@ALASKA JSPJC@ALASKA >>> Public-Access Computer Systems News <<< Public-Access Computer Systems News is an electronic newsletter that contains brief news items about end-user computer systems in libraries. It is published by the University of Houston Libraries. The newsletter was established in March 1990 by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. and Dana Rooks, who co-edit the publication. Issues are sent out as messages on PACS-L, and back issues are stored on the list server. The newsletter is copyrighted; however, copying is permitted for noncommercial use by computer conferences, individual scholars, and libraries. Libraries are authorized to add the newsletter to their collections at no cost. The newsletter is cataloged on OCLC; its ISSN is 1050-6004. To retrieve an issue of the Public-Access Computer Systems News, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU containing the appropriate command based on the issue's volume and number: GET PACSNEWS V1N1 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N7 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N2 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N8 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N3 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N9 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N4 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N10 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N5 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N11 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N6 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V1N12 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N1 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N7 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N2 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N8 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N3 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N9 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N4 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N10 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N5 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N11 F=MAIL GET PACSNEWS V2N6 F=MAIL Access to these files is not restricted to PACS-L users. FURTHER INFORMATION For further information, contact: Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Assistant Director for Systems, University Libraries, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-2091, (713) 749-4241 or LIB3@UHUPVM1. >>> The Public-Access Computer Systems Review <<< The Public-Access Computer Systems Review (PACS Review) is a refereed electronic journal about end-user computer systems in libraries. It covers topics such as CD-ROM databases, electronic publishing, expert systems, hypertext programs, microcomputer labs, locally-mounted databases, network-based information resources, and online catalogs. It is published by the University of Houston Libraries. The PACS Review, which was established in January 1990, is distributed at no charge on BITNET, Internet, and other computer networks. Charles W. Bailey, Jr., University of Houston Libraries, is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal; Leslie Pearse, OCLC, is the Associate Editor, Columns; Dana Rooks, University of Houston Libraries, is the Associate Editor, Communications; and Mike Ridley, University of Waterloo, is the Associate Editor, Reviews. The journal has a fifteen-member Editorial Board. The PACS Review is associated with the moderated PACS-L list, which sends out between five and fifteen messages per day about end-user computer systems in libraries. PACS-L currently serves over 3,300 users in 35 countries. PACS-L was founded in June 1989 by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.; it is currently moderated by Dana Rooks (LIBL@UHUPVM1) and Jill Hackenberg (LIBJ@JETSON.UH.EDU). PACS-L users have an automatic subscription to the journal. To join PACS-L, send the following e-mail message to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU: SUBSCRIBE PACS-L First Name Last Name. PACS Review articles are stored as individual files on the list server, and a table of contents message for each issue is sent out to all PACS-L users. After looking over the table of contents message, users can retrieve article files of interest. The journal is copyrighted; however, copying is permitted for noncommercial use by computer conferences, individual scholars, and libraries. Libraries are authorized to add the journal to their collections at no cost. The journal is cataloged on OCLC and RLIN; its ISSN is 1048-6542. To retrieve the table of contents file for an issue of the PACS Review, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU that contains the appropriate command based on the issue's volume and number: GET CONTENTS PRV1N1 F=MAIL GET CONTENTS PRV1N2 F=MAIL GET CONTENTS PRV1N3 F=MAIL GET CONTENTS PRV2N1 F=MAIL GET CONTENTS PRV2N2 F=MAIL To retrieve an annual index file for a volume of the PACS Review, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU that contains the appropriate command based on the volume's number: GET INDEX PRV1 F=MAIL Access to these files is not restricted to PACS-L users. To obtain a complete list of available files, send the following message to LISTSERV@UHUPVM1 or LISTSERV@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU: INDEX PACS-L F=MAIL. For a description of the early days of the PACS Review, see: Bailey, Jr., Charles W. "Electronic (Online) Publishing in Action: The Public-Access Computer Systems Review and Other Electronic Serials." Online 15 (January 1991): 28-35. >>> PIGULKI <<< Occasional magazine (electronic) of news and humor relating to Poland and Polish issues, particularly Poland's democratic evolution and its expansion of computer networking internally and to the West. Written in English; intended for audiences both in the West and in Poland. To Subscribe: Pigulki is distributed at present (April 1991) by its editors and by designated distributors. We are interested in finding anonymous FTP sites to increase availability of back issues. Until that time, please send inquiries on submissions, subscriptions and back issues to Dave Philips Back Issues: To obtain Pigulki issue 4, for example, mail the following message to send pigulki.004 from poland Unix users and others with uncompress s/w may use the anon. ftp at (weeknights and evenings US Eastern time only, please) to obtain back issues from subdirectory poland. Other users should use the mail request method (above). Link Contact: Editors Jerzy Klimkowski (Glen Allen, VA, USA) email: Dave Phillips (Kenmore, NY, USA) email: Jacek Ulanski (Lodz, Poland) email: julanski@plearn.bitnet Marek Zielinski (Rego Park, NY, USA) PIGULKI Authorized Distributors North America FLORIDA: Andrew Mossberg ( OTHER N.AMERICA: Dave Phillips ( Oceania: Marek Samoc ( Europe: Sweden/Poland: Marek Chudoba ( Other Europe: Marek Zielinski ( >>> Postmodern Culture <<< Postmodern Culture is an electronic journal of interdisciplinary studies. We publish writing which ranges from analytical essays and reviews to video scripts and other new literary forms. Postmodern Culture hopes to publish excellent work, to open the discussion of postmodernism to a wide audience and to new and different participants, to encourage reconsideration of the forms and practices of academic writing, and to experiment with departures from the traditional idea of published texts as immutable and monologic. Postmodern Culture is published 3 times a year, in September, January, and May. Volume 1, number 1 was the September, 1990 issue; Volume 2 begins with September of 1991, et cetera. ISSN: 1053-1920 To Subscribe: Requests for electronic mail subscriptions can be mailed directly to the ListServ program which distributes the journal (Internet:, Bitnet: listserv@ncsuvm); this mail should contain only the one-line command: sub pmc-list [your_first_name your_last_name] There should be no other text, spaces, or blank lines before this command, no brackets around your first and last name, and no other text after the command. Postmodern Culture is also available on microfiche and on disk (DOS-format 3.5" or 5.25" double-sided, low-density disks, and Macintosh-format 3.5" double-sided, low-density disks). Subscription rates for these formats are $15/year for individuals, $30/year for institutions (in Canada, add $3; elsewhere outside the U.S., add $7). Requests for disk or fiche subscriptions should be sent to the journal's postal address, given below. Journal-sponsored Discussion List: Using the ListServ address, readers may also subscribe free of charge to PMC-Talk, an open discussion group for issues relating to the journal's contents and to postmodernism in general. To request subscription to PMC-Talk from the ListServ program, substitute "pmc-talk" for "pmc-list" in the ListServ command given above. PMC-Talk has its own set of files, including bibliographies, translations, non-juried essays, interviews, and creative writing. Submissions: Electronic-mail submissions can be sent to the journal's editorial address: Bitnet: pmc@ncsuvm Internet: Submissions to the journal can also be made on disk or in hard copy; disk submissions should be in WordPerfect or ASCII format, but if this is not possible please indicate the program and operating system used. The journal's postal address is: Postmodern Culture Box 8105 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC 27695-8105 Documentation for critical essays should follow the current MLA format; a list of the text-formatting conventions used by Postmodern Culture for ASCII text is available on request. Back Issue: NOTE: the index of files available from PMC-LIST may be retrieved as a mail message rather than as a file by adding F=MAIL to the end of any of the command lines specified below. A. If you are on Bitnet/NetNorth/EARN and use an IBM VM/CMS system send the interactive command TELL LISTSERV AT NCSUVM IND PMC-LIST As an alternative, send a mail message to LISTSERV AT NCSUVM containing the one and only line IND PMC-LIST This should be on the first line of the mail message--in other words, there should be no blank lines and no salutation preceding this line. B. If you are on Bitnet/NetNorth/EARN and use a VAX VMS system, type SEND MESSAGE NCSUVM LISTSERV IND PMC-LIST You may also be able to use the following interactive procedure: SEND/REMOTE NCSUVM LISTSERVat which point you should get the prompt (NCSUVM)LISTSERV:At the prompt, type IND PMC-LIST If neither the SEND command nor the interactive procedure produce the desired results, use whatever command you have to send a file--e.g., SENDFILE--to LISTSERV AT NCSUVM, the first and only line of the file you send being IND PMC-LIST C.If you are on Bitnet/NetNorth/EARN but don't use an IBM VM/CMS system, or if you are not on Bitnet (e.g., JANET, ARPA, UUCP, etc.) use your mailer of whatever kind--e.g., MAIL--to send an ordinary message to LISTSERV AT NCSUVM and include as the one and only line IND PMC-LIST Contact: The Editors: Bitnet: pmc@ncsuvm Internet: >>> PSYCOLOQUY <<< PSYCOLOQUY is a refereed electronic journal (ISSN 1044-0143) sponsored American Psychological Association's Science Directorate and Office of Publication and Communication and co-edited by Stevan Harnad (Psychology Department, Princeton University) and Perry London (Dean, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University). PSYCOLOQUY publishes brief reports of ideas and findings on which the author wishes to solicit rapid peer feedback, international and interdisciplinary ("Scholarly Skywriting"), in all areas of psychology and its related fields (biobehavioral, cognitive, neural, social, etc.). All contributions are refereed by members of PSYCOLOQUY's 60-member Editorial Board. Target articles should normally not exceed 500 lines in length, commentaries and responses should not exceed 200 lines. All target articles must have (1) a short abstract ( < 100 words), (2) an indexable title, (3) 6 - 8 indexable keywords, and the (4) author's full name and institutional address. The submission should be accompanied by (5) a rationale for soliciting commentary (e.g., why would commentary be useful and of interest to the field? what kind of commentary do you expect to elicit?) and (6) a list of potential commentators (with their email addresses). Commentaries must have indexable titles and the commentator's full name and institutional address (abstract is optional). Authors of accepted manuscripts assign to PSYCOLOQUY the right to distribute the text electronically and to archive and make it permanently retrievable electronically. However, they retain the copyright, and after it has appeared in PSYCOLOQUY authors may republish their text any way they wish -- electronic or print -- as long as they clearly acknowledge PSYCOLOQUY as its original locus of publication. Except in very special cases, agreed upon in advance, articles that have already been published or are about to be published elsewhere are not eligible to be considered for publication in PSYCOLOQUY. To Subscribe: To subscribe to PSYCOLOQUY send a message to either: listserv@pucc.bitnet or containing the following one-line message (without a message header or topic, i.e. leave "Subject" line blank): sub psyc Firstname Lastname (substituting your first and last name, of course). After you are notified that you are on the list, subsequent postings to the list should be sent to: psyc@pucc.bitnet or or which will redirect them to the list's editors, who will post them for you if they are judged appropriate. The PSYCOLOQUY list can be retrieved by sending to listserv@pucc.bitnet the command rev psyc If you do not want your email address to be retrievable that way, send to listserv@pucc.bitnet the command: set psyc conceal (This command will only work after you are already signed on.) The archive of PSYCOLOQUY back-issues is currently retrievable both by anonymous ftp on the Internet and by the standard listserv file retrieval commands on Bitnet: (1) Bitnet/Listserv Retrieval of PSYCOLOQUY Archive: Bitnet users can either send the commands shown below as a TELL message to Listserv (TELL LISTSERV AT PUCC) or as email to LISTSERV@PUCC.bitnet. If you use email, your commands should appear in the body of the message and not in the subject line. Remember to send your mail requests to LISTSERV@PUCC.bitnet, not to PSYC@PUCC.bitnet To get a list of all PSYC files: GET PSYC FILELIST This will send you a file containing the names of all the available files. Issuing the command INDEX PSYC will produce the same results. The file sent by this command is not the same as the PSYC INDEX file, so it might be less confusing to use the GET command rather than the INDEX command. Then, to order an individual file: GET fname ftype fname and ftype are the CMS Filename and Filetype as listed in the PSYC FILELIST file. Listserv does limit the amount of data that a user can order in a single day. Currently the limit is 3 Meg, so this will not affect PSYC users. (2) Internet/Unix/ftp Retrieval of PSYCOLOQUY Archive The PSYCOLOQUY archives are temporarily available by anonymous ftp, if you have it. To retrieve a file by ftp from a Unix/Internet site, type either: ftp or ftp Link When you are asked for your login, type: anonymous For your password, type: your-own-login-name@your-system-name then change directories with: cd pub/harnad To list the available files, type: ls The archive files look like this: psyc.arch... Next, retrieve the file you want with (for example): get psyc.arch.1.9 When you have the file(s) you want, type: quit JANET users can use the Internet file transfer utility at JANET node UK.AC.FT-RELAY to get BBS files. Use standard file transfer, setting the site to be UK.AC.FT-RELAY, the userid as anonymous@edu.princeton, the password as your own userid, and the remote filename to be the filename according to Unix conventions (i.e. something like pub/harnad/psyc.arch.1.9). Lower case should be used where indicated, using quotes if necessary to avoid automatic translation into upper case. ------------------------ The above cannot be done form Bitnet directly, but there is a fileserver called bitftp@pucc.bitnet that will do it for you. Send it the one line message help for instructions (which will be similar to the above, but will be in the form of a series of lines in an email message that bitftp will then execute for you). ------------------------- PSYCOLOQUY can also be accessed on Usenet as the moderated newsgroup sci.psychology.digest but then you will regularly have to check Usenet for new issues, because they are not automatically emailed to you as they are in the Bitnet version. Contact: Stevan Harnad ( or (harnad@pucc.bitnet) >>> QUANTA - Science, Fact, and Fiction <<< Quanta is the elctronic magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Quanta has been around since October of 1989, and publishes fiction by amateur and professional authors from all corners of the net. Quanta is published in two formats, ascii text for reading on-line and PostScript for dumping to PostScript laser-printers. ISSN: 1053-8496 To Subscribe: To receive more info on Quanta, or to be added to the distribution list, send mail to one of the following addresses, depending on which version of the magazine you'd like to receive. or quanta+requests-postscript@andrew.BITNET quanta+requests-ascii@andrew.BITNET Send mail only- no interactive messages or files please. Note that if you subscribe with a letter sent over BITNET, you will have the magazine sent to you as a file over BITNET, whereas if you subscribe with a letter sent over the Internet, the magazine will be sent to you as a series of mail messages. Also, if you request it, I will put you on the "FTP" list which means you will get a notice when a new issue comes out, directing you how to pick it up from one of the servers. This is to save wear and tear on mailer machines and to generally spread the load of distribution over a wider area. Back Issues: There are three FTP archives for Quanta issues and back issues: Host: IP#: Directory: ______________________________________________________________________ ( /pub/quanta Link ( /journals/Quanta Link* ( /documents/Quanta Link European service only In all cases, use login name of "anonymous" and send your mailing address as the password. When FTPing these files, make sure to select BINARY transfer mode. Back issues may also be obtained over AFS from the directory: /afs/ If you have any questions or problems concerning FTP sites, or the AFS directory, please mail them to so I can check up on them. Submissions: Quanta needs stories. What's in it for you, you ask? True, Quanta can't pay you for your submissions (yet), but getting fiction into Quanta means distribution and recognition. Quanta also publishes reviews, articles and editorials. Submitting material to Quanta is as easy as sending it to If your submission is already in LaTeX format, send it in that format (RTF is also acceptable). Otherwise, send in straight ASCII text. Contact: Daniel Appelquist ( >>> RD: Graduate Research in the Arts <<< RD: GRADUATE RESEARCH IN THE ARTS is a refereed journal dedicated to publishing the work of graduate scholars in the Arts. Its mandate is to provide an appropriate forum for their scholarly work and a collective voice for their issues and interests. Papers are accepted from graduate students in the Arts, Fine Arts, and Humanities in any of the following areas: language, literature and other artifacts/artefacts constructions of the self, gender, class and race the academy itself and its institutional imperatives. Multidisciplinary and collaborative work is also encouraged. RD is published twice a year. Although based at York University, Canada, RD's editors, editorial board, and readers are made up of graduate students across North America. The editors actively solicit applications from graduate students from various institutions to act as readers of papers. Volunteers should include a CV, or a brief summary of their scholarly work and publications, to the editors. ISSN: 1188-0708 To Subscribe: 1 Year 2 Years Student $16.00 $30.00 Individual/Institution $24.00 $44.00 Please add 7% for GST. Made checks payable to RD, and send to RD, Subscriptions York University c/o Graduate Programme in English 215 Stong College 4700 Keele Street North York, Ontario CANADA M3J 1P3 Individuals who have access to e-mail can receive electronic versions of the journal free of charge by sending their name, status (student, faculty, other) and e-mail address to Submissions: Address two copies of each paper to the editors with a SASE and proof of current enrollment in a graduate programme (for instance, photocopy of a student card or letter from the programme). Submissions can also be sent on disk (DOS or Macintosh format) or by e-mail. If you intend to send papers by e-mail, please contact the editors to receive guidelines for indicating foreign or special characters and italics. All submissions should conform to the _MLA Style Manual_. Back Issues: Available by contacting the editors. Contact: Stephen N. Matsuba Editor, RD York University c/o Graduate Programme in English 215 Stong College 4700 Keele Street North York, Ontario CANADA M3J 1P3 bitnet: RD@WRITER.YORKU.CA OR ENGL5105@NEXUS.YORKU.CA >>> Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS <<< - An all electronic, network distributed serial for Religious Studies ISSN: 1188-5734 Purpose: To disseminate via the global computer networks; 1) The table of contents, standard bibliographic information, abstracts and reviews of new and recent publications in Religious Studies 2) Thesis and dissertations, subject bibliographies, glossaries, course syllabi and other pedagogical material. 3) Software reviews of computer programs relevant to Religious Studies research 4) Prepublication papers, dissertation abstracts, solicitations for manuscripts, and provide a central source of information on all networked documents of interest to Religious Studies and related fields. Goal: To provide a comprehensive network distributed source of information on Religious Studies publications, pedagogical and research resources and software tools. Overview: The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS, subtitled the CONTENTS Project, is a networked electronic journal that brings together academic publishers and online scholars in Religious Studies and related fields. This journal provides an information service to academic publishers and the more than one thousand scholars in Religious Studies and related fields who are online with BITNET, Internet, and other international computer networks. CONTENTS' primary function is the posting of table of contents, standard bibliographic, pricing and ordering information, abstracts and reviews of new books and journal issues of relevance to academics in the broad field of Religious Studies. This electronic journal also publishes software reviews of programs essential to computer assisted research. CONTENTS extends the scope of electronic publication by combining reviews and abstracts with table of contents and ordering information of new books and journals in print. Publishers are encouraged to provide an electronic mail contact address so as to enable CONTENTS' subscribers to order texts via the network. This electronic journal is designed in anticipation of the developing commercialization of the academic networks and anticipates the growing trend within publishing houses of accommodating individual chapter and single article purchases. The CONTENTS Project operates by obtaining permission from participating publishers to scan the table of contents from new and recent books and journals and disseminates this information in electronic text to its subscribers. To the table of contents is added information on the publisher, number of pages, price, abstracts and, if available, online ordering contact. Publishers also are encourage to submit abstracts, book notes and reviews for electronic republication. CONTENTS will also disseminate and archive information on works in progress, conference announcements, solicitations for manuscripts, complete dissertations, bibliographies, networked documents and audio-visual resources of relevance to Religious Studies. All publication records posted by the CONTENTS Project are archived via LISTSERV at Listserv@Uottawa or Listserv@Acadvm1.Uottawa.Ca and may be searched or downloaded by the network community. Eventually, all CONTENTS records will be fully searchable as an online public access database via TELNET. A supplement to CONTENTS, Lists in Review, provides an overview of many of the Listserv lists (online academic conferences) of relevance to Religious Studies. A team of editors surveys individual lists and records lists of subject keywords that will serve to indicate what has been discussed on any given online conference. These list summaries are compiled by the supplement editor and posted as a short file to CONTENTS and archived on a fileserver. This collection will allow networked researchers to quickly survey what has been discussed on dozens of lists and then retrieve past conversations from a list's logbook. The list will not be conversational. Frequency of postings will depend on the number of cooperating publishers. At present, the Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS, has over five hundred subscribers in more than twenty four countries. The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS, team consists of: Michael Strangelove L. Gregory Bloomquist Project Director Associate Director and University of Ottawa Managing Software Review Editor Saint Paul University Michael T. Bradley Lists in Review Supplement Reinhard Pummer Managing Editor Publications Review Editor Columbia University University of Ottawa Board of Advisors: Ann Okerson Director, Association of Research Libraries Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing Sandra Woolfrey Director, Wilfrid Laurier University Press Michael Neuman Director, Center for Text and Technology Georgetown University Larry Hurtado Director, Institute for the Humanities University of Manitoba Philip Davies Director, Sheffield Academic Press Department of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield Willard McCarty Assistant Director, Centre for Computing in the Humanities University of Toronto Robert Kraft University of Pennsylvania James O'Donnell University of Pennsylvania Peter Scott University of Saskatchewan Jean-Claude Guedon University of Montreal David J. Reimer Wilfrid Laurier University Gord Nickerson University of Western Ontario Jim Marchand University of Illinois William Adler North Carolina State University Robin Cover and Raymond Harder Co-Chairs, Computer Assisted Research Group Society of Biblical Literature To Subscribe: To subscribe to the Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS, send the following e-mail message to Listserv@Uottawa or Listserv@Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA SUBSCRIBE CONTENTS your name To determine the status of your subscription to CONTENTS, send the following e-mail message to the above address: QUERY CONTENTS Contact the project director at 441495@Uottawa or 441495@Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA if you experience difficulty subscribing to CONTENTS. Back Issues: To retrieve previous postings to an issue of the Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS, send an e-mail message to Listserv@Uottawa or Listserv@Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA, containing the GET file name command based on the names of monthly logbooks: GET CONTENTS LOG9201 GET CONTENTS LOG9202 GET CONTENTS LOG9203 GET CONTENTS LOG9204 GET CONTENTS LOG9205 GET CONTENTS LOG9206 GET CONTENTS LOG9207 To get a list of individual religious studies related bibliographies, reviews, articles, glossaries, and other files archived on the CONTENTS Project's LISTSERV database, send the email message GET CONTENTS FILELIST Access to these logbooks and archived files are not restricted to CONTENTS subscribers. These logbooks can be searched via LDBASE. For more information about the Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS: Contact: Michael Strangelove 441495@Uottawa Department of Religious Studies 441495@Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA University of Ottawa FAX: (613) 564-6641 177 Waller, Ottawa, Ontario Voice: (613) 564-2300 CANADA K1N 6N5 >>> Socjety Journal <<< Socjety Journal is devoted to Alumni of the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland. To Subscribe: LISTSERV@PLEARN.BITNET SUB WROCLAW First_Name Last_Name Contact: Ala Lewanowicz lewanowi@plwrtu11.bitnet or coeditor Pawel MIsiak misiak@plwrtu11.bitnet Inst. Chemii Org. i Fiz. Politechniki Wroclawskiej Wyb. Wyspianskiego 27 PL 50-370 Wroclaw >>> SOLSTICE: An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics <<< Solstice first appeared in the summer of 1990. Solstice is an online, refereed journal published by the Institute of Mathematical Geography (IMaGe). It is transmitted, free of charge, to a distribution list of subscribers twice yearly, on the astronomical solstices, over bitnet/internet. The journal is typeset using TeX so that mathematical notation may be sent as an ASCII file and downloaded as typeset notation by the receiver (at receiver cost). This procedure enables users to have high-quality typeset copy using a program acceptable to conventional publishers should they wish; hard copy is available from the Institute of Mathematical Geography (currently at a cost of $15.95 U.S. (soft cover) per year plus shipping). This is a cheap way, in terms of fiscal and environmental costs, to create, typeset, and distribute a journal. Solstice is copyrighted; typically, it includes original, refereed articles as well as other material such as reprints and various features. ISSN: 1059-5325 To Subscribe: Write via electronic mail to Bitnet: Solstice@UMICHUM Internet: or directly to Dr. Sandy Arlinghaus at the address below. Ask, in either case, to have your bitnet or internet address added to the distribution list for Solstice and a free subscription will be entered beginning with the next issue. Requests for hard copy should also be sent to the same address. Hard copy is produced as needed directly from the transmitted electronic file, with photos and difficult-to-transmit figures scanned into the hard copy on a scanning digital copying machine. Hard copy may be purchased in a soft-binding or in a hard-binding. Submissions: The purpose of Solstice is to promote interaction between geography and mathematics. Articles in which elements of one discipline are used to shed light on the other are particularly sought. Also welcome, are original contributions that are purely geographical or purely mathematical. All original articles are refereed. Invited articles and reprints are screened by suitable members of the Editorial Board. IMaGe is open to having authors suggest, and furnish material for, new regular features. Authors should submit manuscripts to the Editor-in-Chief. Manuscripts may be submitted as an ASCII file, via bitnet or internet, or on a 5.25 inch high density diskette. They may also be submitted as hard copy (in triplicate). Upon final acceptance, figures in refereed papers must be drawn in Indian ink on high-quality paper (or in some other acceptable manner negotiated on an individual basis). There are no page charges; authors will be given permission to make reprints from the electronic file. The suggested format for referencing an article is to cite the hard copy with page numbers in the customary manner AND to cite the electronic copy as transmitted, complete with facts of the transmission as they appear on the received header, as to date and time of transmission. Cite field character count (to replace pagination) of the article in accordance with specific instructions from IMaGe. Back Issues: Back issues are available in hard copy from IMaGe---within the Monograph Series of the Institute of Mathematical Geography; because they are produced in an on-demand fashion, they do not go out of print. Warehousing is not a significant issue in this mode of journal production. Current prices are $15.95 for soft binding and $23.95 for hard binding. Shipping and handling charges will be added. Back electronic files can be made available, but at a cost; individual requests will be negotiated separately. Contact: Dr. Sandra L. Arlinghaus Director, Institute of Mathematical Geography 2790 Briarcliff Street Ann Arbor, MI 48105-1429 U.S.A. Phone: (313) 761-1231 Bitnet: Solstice@UMICHUM Internet: >>> TeXMaG <<< TeXMaG is a monthly electronic magazine available free of charge to all interested parties reachable by electronic mail. Letters to the editor may be sent to NABTEXM@TAMVENUS (Bitnet) or NABTEXM@VENUS.TAMU.EDU (Internet) and may be published in a future issue. Publisher: Academic Computing Services of Texas A&M University Managing Editor: Neil Burleson To Subscribe: CDNnet: Send a note to ( asking to receive TeXMaG. JANET: Send a note to Peter Abbott, (Abbottp@Uk.Ac.Aston) asking to receive TeXMaG. All others: Send the following command as an interactive message (Bitnet) or as a single-line mail message to LISTSERV@UICVM or LISTSERV@UICVM.UIC.EDU: SUBS TEXMAG-L Your_Full_Name. If you have difficulty doing this, send a note to Neil Burleson (NABTEXM@VENUS.TAMU.EDU). Submissions: Please send submissions to (TEXMAG-L@UICVM.UIC.EDU) or (TEXMAG-L@UICVM); they will automatically be forwarded to the editor. Back Issues: Back issues may be FTP'd from YMIR.CLAREMONT.EDU from the directory [ANONYMOUS.TEX.PERIODICALS.TEXMAG] Link Back issues may also be FTP'd from SUN.SOE.CLARKSON.EDU from the directory pub/texmag. Link Users without FTP access may request back issues from the Clarkson repository by sending a mail message to ( with the form path A_MAIL_PATH_FROM_CLARKSON_TO_YOU get texmag.V.NN where V is the volume number and NN is the issue number. Including a line "index texmag" in the message will return a list of back issues available. Janet users may obtain back issues from the Aston archive. Those who are on SPAN can get in touch with Max Calvani at 39003::CALVANI for infos about SPAN archive. Contact: Neil Burleson NABTEXM@TAMVENUS (Bitnet) or NABTEXM@RIGEL.TAMU.EDU (Internet). >>> TeX Publication Distribution List <<< TeX-Pubs@SHSU.BITNET ( TeX-Pubs is a redistribution list for TeX-related electronic form periodicals whch is being made available in addition to INFO-TeX for your convenience. The distribution of TeX-Pubs includes TeXhax Digest, UKTeX, TeXMaG, the TeX Users Group's "TeX and TUG News", and the "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Supplementary TeX Information" posts from the comp.text.tex newsgroup. The intent of TeX-Pubs is to allow users a single site for delivery of these electronic form periodicals, as well as any others which may be brought to my attention. This list is offered in lieu of directly posting these documents to INFO-TeX. The decision to create a support list is in an effort to provide this information to interested readers, but not replicate it for those who wish to retain their current subscription(s) and not be bothered by extraneous material on INFO-TeX. There will be no direct archives for TeX-Pubs. Instead, each of the included periodicals will have its own directory available for retrieval from FILESERV@SHSU.BITNET ( To Subscribe: If you would like to subscribe to TeX-Pubs, please include the command: SUBSCRIBE TeX-Pubs in the body of a mail message to LISTSERV@SHSU.BITNET ( This LISTSERV is MAIL-oriented only; interactive messages sent to this LISTSERV address will be ignored. Contact: Any questions regarding TeX-Pubs or INFO-TeX should be directed to their owner: George D. Greenwade, Ph.D. Bitnet: BED_GDG@SHSU Department of Economics and Business Analysis THEnet: SHSU::BED_GDG College of Business Administration Voice: (409) 294-1266 P. O. Box 2118 FAX: (409) 294-3612 Sam Houston State University Huntsville, TX 77341 Internet: >>> Textual Studies in Canada <<< Textual Studies in Canada, a collaborative journal of interdisciplinary inquiry, offers an e-journal/bulletin board service to its subscribers. The focus of the journal (and its electronic complement): issues related to the study of texts with a Canadian context. We are interested in how texts are composed, read, and variously defined according to disciplinary and cultural presuppositions. Contact: For submission/subscription information, please contact W.F. Garrett-Petts, Co-editor, Faculty of Arts, Cariboo University College, Kamloops, B.C., Canada, V2C 5N3. E-mail: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ END OF FILE: EJOURNL1 DIRECTRY +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ----- End Included Message -----