Network Services Conference 1992

Pisa, Italy, November 3-5, 1992
The world of academic and research networking has evolved to the point where the protocol wars have become largely irrelevant. This is demonstrated by the recent appearance of high-level networking tools which are worldwide in scope and which run simultaneously over many different lower layers.

NSC 92 will focus on issues in providing services to customers, with special attention paid to the recent and exciting developments in new global high-level tools such as World-Wide Web, Prospero, Archie, Alex, Gopher, and WAIS. We will address the impact of the new global tools on service development and support, the changing function of traditional tools and services (such as archives), upcoming specific services such as new databases, and the future role of the library. User support at the campus level, and the role of support in accessing global services, will be addressed.

The conference will be of greatest interest to network service providers and sophisticated users who are changing their focus from providing or obtaining bandwidth to offering, supporting, and using varied and powerful services. Talks and other conference activities will address the needs of the research, academic, educational, governmental, industrial, and commercial network communities.

NSC 92 is being organized by EARN in conjunction with EUnet/EurOpen, NORDUnet, RARE, and RIPE.

The conference program with information on how to register will be distributed with the second announcement around 1 August 1992.
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