S2.2 gateway

The demonstration aims to show the very large connectivity obtained in a very transparent way for the final user of the existing R&D Mailing services in the world, using the actual Cosine Gateway, and/or the other existing national or international gateways. The demo will consist in logging via network connections (IXI or internet or HEPnet or Public X.25) to some sites and try to send successfully messages to other sites on different networks, logging then there and receiving the message sent. The login to all different various networks can be done using IXI and IP, as any other connection protocolo or network is available once via intermediate login on cosine gateway services machine. A number of cosine test accounts around the world are available for these test purpouses. To the people more interested in techicalities, it will be possible to lo in on the cosine gateway machine and examine the internals of the gateway actions.