Brunel Directory User Agent Demos - technical details

Brunel University (UK) will be showing Directory User Interfaces developed with funding from the UK Computer Board. The Unix versions are based on ISODE/Quipu and are freely available in source code form. The DOS version is based on commercial development tools so it will only be available under license.

Interfaces on show will include:

Xlu (X.500 Lookup)
a very flexible X-windows interface with form-based and name-based searching. Data modify operations are supported. This interface uses the MIT X11R4 distribution and ISODE so it can be built completely with free software. ISODE operates over a wide range of network technologies. The demo system will be connected into the worldwide directory pilot network so it should be possible to show access to DSAs connected with IP, CONS, CLNS etc. An interesting feature of this interface is that the query engine uses asynchronous DAP operations so it can issue a number of queries before the results start arriving.
Pod (POpup Directory)
an earlier X-windows interface with navigation-type searching. Also based on Athena Widgets.
a bare-bones text interface supporting `User-Friendly Name' searches. This interface was built to test the query engine for Xlu, bu thas proved useful in its own right.
an interface for DOS. It is hoped to have both an MS-windows version and a `raw DOS' version on show. Still under development at the time of writing (March 1992) so it is not possible to describe what will be shown in any detail. Based on XVT interface tools, OSS ASN.1 tools, and WhiteStack CONS from Edinburgh University (UK).