HTTP Response Examples

Possible replies one could imagine, encoded as SGML: <!GDOC HTML> a normal HTML document <!/GDOC> <!GDOC HTML> Document with preprocessing instructions: <HEADER> normal HTML <FORMAT REP="Text/ASCII"> <FILTER PROCESS="crypt-md5" PROMPT="Delphi"> <FILTER PROCESS="uncompress"> <FILTER PROCESS="tar"> </HEADER> <BODY> asdfghjklsdfghjklasdfghjksdfhjkzxcvbnmeryuioxcvbj ewft76t8yytcvncncnryxmry02zmxnxjxb7wdtx7b7rtwbt87 </BODY> <!/GDOC> A response indicating that authorisation is required: <!GDOC HTERR STATUS=NEEDAUTH> <DOMAIN HREF="/doc/delphi/*"> This is a Delphi collaboration document. You can only access it is you can identiy yourself as a Delphi member. <!/GDOC> An error response: <!GDOC HTERR STATUS=REFUSED> Sorry, you can only access this object within the CERN site for copyright reasons. Complaints to <a href=>Mr Bloggs</a>. <!/GDOC> A forward response with a set of possible forward addresses: <!GDOC HTFWD> <LINK TYPE=FORWARD HREF=> <LINK TYPE=FORWARD HREF=> Directory lookup successful. <!/GDOC> _________________________________________________ CTB