Using the "SOURCE" prefix

Note: Version 1.3 and later. The SOURCE (S) prefix to a command within www qualifies the execution of that command. It make the command generate raw unformatted text instead of formatting it. Som examples of use are:

Printing Poscscript documents

Currently, a postscript document comes up on the screen in its postscript form. Printing the display from the screen, formatted, is not a good idea as the postscript is damages by being formatted. Use with PRInt to send the document to the printer directly: SOURCE PRINT You must have a postscript printer for this to work.

Looking at SGML source code

If you want to see the SGML source of a document, prefix the FIND or jump command with SOURCE. SOURCE > temp.html saves the current document in a file temp.html. SOURCE 1 Follows the first link from the current document, displaying the source of the destination document. Note that while the raw data is retrieved without interpretation, it is formatted for display on your terminal in this case.

What it won't do

SOURCE won't change the format of a document already loaded, so SOURCE by itself won't display the source of the current document.

SOURCE only works for documents from W3 servers and, to a certain extent, news articles. You can't get original source for for example file directories.

Tim BL