History to date

A few steps to date in the WWW project history are as follows:
March 1989
First project proposal written and circulated for comment (TBL) . Paper "HyperText and CERN" (in ASCII or WriteNow format) produced as background.
October 1990
Project proposal reformulated with encouragement from CN and ECP divisional management. RC is co-author.
November 1990
Initial WorldWideWeb prototype developed on the NeXT (TBL) .
November 1990
Nicola Pellow joins and starts work on the line-mode browser . Bernd Pollermann helps get interface to CERNVM "FIND" index running. TBL gives a colloquium on hypertext in general.
Christmas 1990
Line mode and NeXTStep browsers demonstrable. Acces is possible to hypertext files, CERNVM "FIND", and internet news articles.
Febraury 1991
workplan for the purposes of ECP division.
26 February 1991
Presentation of the project to the ECP group.
March 1991
Line mode browser (www) released to limited audience on priam vax, rs6000, sun4.
May 1991
Workplan produced for CN/AS group
17 May 1991
Presentation to C5 committee. General release of www on central CERN machines.
12 June 1991
CERN Computer Seminar on WWW.
August 1991
Files available on the net, posted on alt.hypertext (6, 16, 19th Aug), comp.sys.next (20th), comp.text.sgml and comp.mail.multi-media (22nd). Jean-Francois Groff joins the project.
October 1991
VMS/HELP and WAIS gateways installed. Mailing lists www-interest (now www-announce) and www-talk@info.cern.ch started. One year status report. Anonymous telnet service started.
December 1991
Presented poster and demonstration at HT91 . W3 browser installed on VM/CMS. CERN computer newsletter announces W3 to the HEP world.
15 January 1992
Line mode browser release 1.1 available by anonymous FTP. See news . Presentation to AIHEP'92 at La Londe.
12 February 1992
Line mode v 1.2 annouced on alt.hypertext, comp.infosystems, comp.mail.multi-media, cern.sting, comp.archives.admin, and mailing lists.
May 1992
Presentation and demo at JENC3 (Innsbruck). Carl Barker joins the project.
June 1992
Presentation and demo at HEPVM (Lyon).
July 1992
Distribution of WWW through CernLib, including Viola. WWW library code ported to DECnet. Report to the Advisory Board on Computing.
August 1992
introduction of CVS for code management.