Xanadu Operating Company

Owned by Autodesk. Situated in Palo Alto. (These names from Russell E. Whitaker whom I met at Marco's party, who knows Eric . Extra names added by JF )
General queries
xanadu@xanadu.com. (Exploded to entire group).
Roger Gregory
System architect. Long term involvement. Roger@xanadu.com
Marc Stiegler
Project coordination? More recent. SciFi writer. Wrote "David's Sling". marcs@xanadu.com
Eric Dean Tribble
System achitect (Cousin of Marco). Tribble@xanadu.com
Mark Miller
Economist/programmer. Markm@xanadu.com
Janet Salvio
Mentioned in the marketing brochure of 5/91 as Developer Support. Now (6/92) seems to work for Amix customer support.
Developer support. See dialogue with JF. (name and links coming soon from JF's mailbox. Don't panic !)
Tim BL