Newsgroup-related indexes

Edward Vielmetti, MSEN
This is a list of WAIS servers that serve up some or all of a newsgroup. This varies anywhere from the complete archives of a group, the most recent week or two, or even just a few files or an FAQ list. Stuff noted as "" is the foo mailing list.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Any number of other newsgroups have archives on line in compressed files or some other format, or available through some other on-line searching mechanism. I've certainly missed some of the bionet groups where there are more specialized databases that mesh neatly with a particular group. Just because something is listed for a group doesn't mean it's "done"; for instance, the source listed for comp.patents is really a collection of patents, not particularly related to the discussion on the group itself. Servers can and will appear and disappear without much notice.

alt.drugs index , alt.folklore.computers index , alt.wais index , aus.archives index , bionet.* index , bit.listserv.pacs-l index , bit.listserv.pacs-l index , comp.admin index , comp.archives index , comp.archives index , comp.databases index , comp.emacs index , index , comp.lang.ada index , comp.multimedia index , index , index , index , comp.patents index , comp.risks index , comp.robotics index , comp.sources.* index , comp.std.unix index , comp.sw.components index , comp.sys.* index , comp.sys.mac.digest index ,* index , comp.sys.sun index , index , list.homebrew index , list.ietf index , list.s index , index , list.spssx index , list.stats index , list.sun-managers index , list.wais-discussion index , list.wais-talk index , list.wx-talk index , index , news.answers index , rec.crafts.brewing index , rec.pets.* index , soc.culture.indian index , soc.religion.christian index , soc.religion.islam index , sci.* index , talk.politics.guns index , talk.politics.soviet index .