W.A.I.S Release 9-b2

The following information is in our local copy of the WAIS released code. (currently wais-8-b2 (Aug 91)). The following are notes distributed with the software.
Top-level introduction, advice for installers, random notes on relationship to Z39.50.
A few notes - there's more in the README .
Release Notes
for the latest release.


The "doc" subdirectory has various files generated from man files on installation.

Other Subdirectories:

The X browser
A browser for the X11 window system. See help files on " xwais " a shell which invokes " xwaisq ". When installing, make ir first.
Protocol code (ir)
Software for creating a sample server, protocol software, and a low level user interface building tool.
User interfaces (ui)
some of the user interfaces for the WAIS system
Directory of "sources"
WAIS "SRC" , ie server coordinate files. One sample provided, directory-of-servers.src .
See also: other hypertext related products .


Tim BL