Date: Fri, 10 May 91 13:50:39 PDT From: Brewster Kahle <brewster@think.com> Sender: brewster@quake.think.com To: timbl@nxoc01.cern.ch In-Reply-To: Tim Berners-Lee's message of Fri, 10 May 91 09:05:55 GMT+0100 <9105100805.AA04598@ nxoc01.cern.ch > Subject: subscribe Date: Fri, 10 May 91 09:05:55 GMT+0100 From: timbl@nxoc01.cern.ch (Tim Berners-Lee) Please add me to the list as: tbl@cernvax.cern.ch Also: I want to find out about Z39.50 fast. Can you direct me to a machine-readable publicly accesible copy of the standard? Thanks in advance Tim Berners-Lee WorldWideWeb Project CERN 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland tbl@cernvax.cern.ch Tel +41(22)7673755; Fax: +41(22)7677155 done. Welcome. A wonderful contribution would be an overview of WorldWideWeb. -brewster Brewster Kahle Thinking Machines Corporation Brewster@Think.com 1010 El Camino Real Project Leader Menlo Park, CA 94025 Wide Area Information Servers 415-329-9300x228 here is the last issue: To: wais-discussion@think.com From: Brewster Kahle <brewster@Think.COM> Subject: WAIS-discussion digest #6: How to get the ball rolling Forum On Wide Area Information Servers and Electronic Publishing Brewster Kahle Contents: WAIS and Archie... (Larry Masinter) WAIS and Archie... (Brewster Kahle) Byte article (Willem Scholten) Serving Internet RFC's (Jonny Goldman) [Release notes: We are still working the bugs out on different platforms. There are now 27 servers registered with the directory of servers. 44 different hosts have asked questions of quake.think.com in the last couple of weeks. We are starting to get some press: May Byte, upcoming Release 1.0, and another trade magazine. So far so good. -brewster] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com> Subject: WAIS and Archie... Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1991 20:37:23 PDT Do any of you have any thoughts on connecting up WAIS and Archie, the McGill University archive-server-listing-service? Perhaps this could just be another database in WAIS? ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 15:44:39 PDT From: Brewster Kahle <brewster@Think.COM> Subject: WAIS and Archie... From: Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com> Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1991 20:37:23 PDT Do any of you have any thoughts on connecting up WAIS and Archie, the McGill University archive-server-listing-service? Perhaps this could just be another database in WAIS? I have exchanged email with one of the developers of archie, but it has dropped. It would easy enough using archie's databases. The software is set up to allow other databases to be easily supported. -brewster ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 17:05:33 PDT From: Willem Scholten <willem@lawmail.law.columbia.edu> Subject: Byte article [An article by Richard Stein was published in May Byte Magazine. It was written by reading my WAIS concepts paper and discussions with various people on the phone. I am seeking permission to put the ascii version on this list. Esther Dyson's article in Release 1.0 (the whole issue!) is going to the printer tomorrow. I have permission to repost it here when I get a softcopy of it. -brewster] Brewster, I was sorry to see the article in Byte magazine the way it was written. I didnot think it did very well justice to the concept of WAIS and it enormeous potential for libraries and other public information providors. I think that the point regarding privacy law etc was bad and has nothing really to do with the whole WAIS concept. Privacy matters are something which are an issue no matter what kind of information providing you do, and has nothing to do with the principle of providing a better and more reliable and concistant way of deseminating information. Although the above issues and argument are not new to us. We see these same argument many times over from those librarians we tend to call "conservative" and in many cases they are used to not further their profession and ot being realistic about the futher of libraries altogether. I hope that you and your team are getting the chance to write an article some day to explaine the real phylosophy behind wais. Talk to you soon, Willem. P.S: I don't mean to be harsh I just get upset when people sort of miss part of the exiting new possibilities and hide behind issues such as privacy and copyright laws. They are not meand to be used to stop inavative new approches!! P.S.S: I will be working over the weekend on putting up a sample database for the law school. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 17:28:32 PDT From: Jonny Goldman <jonathan@think.COM> Subject: Serving Internet RFC's [try waissearch -h quake.think.com -p 210 -d internet-rfcs hitchhikers -brewster ] We're now serving the text of nearly all 1200 (or so) of the Internet Request for Comments (RFC). The directory of servers has the new source. Use you favorite WAIS interface and ask for RFC: % waissearch -h quake.think.com -p 210 RFC Search Response: NumberOfRecordsReturned: 1 1: Score: 1000, lines: 13 'internet-rfcs.src /proj/wais/wais-sources/' View document number [type 0 or q to quit]: 1 Headline: internet-rfcs.src /proj/wais/wais-sources/ (:source :version 3 :ip-name "quake.think.com" :tcp-port 210 :database-name "internet-rfcs" :cost 0.00 :cost-unit :free :maintainer "jonathan@quake.think.com" :description "Server created with WAIS release 8 a12 on Sat Apr 27 23:38:36 1991 by jonathan@quake.think.com Internet Request for Comments (RFC) through 1221 " ) View document number [type 0 or q to quit]: q Search for new words [type q to quit]: q ------------------------------ ************************ -------