Electronic Book Technology

Mail:1, Richmond Square, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

No direct connection with IRIS , but the director has a Brown mail address, and EBT use IRIS's full index search technology. Brown have a user licence for DynaText as part of the deal. EBT have signed up a distributor in France, and will have one in Germany shortly (March 91).

People include:

Louis Reynolds
President. Email:lrr@iris.brown.edu. ex-Cadre (the Teamwork people). See mail .
Andy van Dam
ex-CERN, Apollo. Professor at Brown, and consultant to EBT. (More...)
Pierre Schmidt
Representative in Europe happens to be in Geneva.Tel: 692424 or Fax: 692425. Knows Andy from Apollo days.
I have some paper documents about DynaText. (-TBL)