Some type of WHOIS records have associated subdisplays. They are usually offered interactively to the user - "Would you like to see...?". EXPand or '*' means to always show those subdisplays without asking. The opposite, '~' says not to show them at all.

Following are the record types which have subdisplays, and what those subdisplays are:

record type subdisplay ------------------- ----------------------------- host registered users network hosts on network top-level domain sub-domains under domain secondary domain hosts in secondary domain group/organization registered members The keyword SUBdisplay or '%' can be used to show the subdisplay for a record ONLY, without showing the detailed display for the record itself. Instead, a summary of the matching record is shown, and then the subdisplay follows directly.

Used in conjunction with Full or '=' (e.g. "full sub host SRI-NIC"), this provides a means to list out the full record for the users of a host, members of an organzation, etc, instead of having to type in all the handles or names individually.


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