Keywords Overview

WHOIS keywords fall into four categories: those that specify a FIELD to be searched, those that specify the TYPE of record to be found, those that modify the interpretation of the input or tell the type of output to produce, and those that are commands, such as HELP, QUIT, and so forth.

To tell WHOIS to restrict its search to ONLY a certain field in the database, there are the following three keywords (shown with their minimum abbreviation in all CAPS):

HAndle or '!' for example !lynn or HA lynn NAme or leading '.' .lynn or NA lynn Mailbox or contains '@' lynn@host To find only a certain TYPE of record, use one of the following:

Arpanet DOmain GAteway GRoup HOst IMp MIlnet NEtwork Organization PSn TAc See more on Names and Mailboxes . See section " Record types " for detailed descriptions of the different record types. See section " Output keywords " for a list of the input and output control keywords.

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