Field names

When you search for a person in the WHO database, you normally search with their name. In fact, words you give will be matched against any part of a person's phone book record, so you can search by phone number or division, for example.

You can, however, specify that a value must match a particular field by prefixing it with a field name. Field names all start with colons (:) to distinguish them from any other data.

You can give many such sets of field name and value(s), which must all match (logical AND) for a name to be displayed. Here are some field names -- these can be abreviated to two letters:

A (four digit) phone number
A building number, eg 513
The surname (last name, normally family name) of a person. If the surname consists of several words, any number of these may be specified.
The forenames of a person.
A room number of the form 1-007
The division, eg ":div ecp" to select only those in ECP division. See also :CG.
A code for a persons "group" inside their division in the CERN hierarchy. For example, AS
A field consisting of the whole phone book line followed by the preferred electronic mail address and the account-file information belonging to the same person.


searching with string john :div cn :cg as finds all people called "John" as first name or second name in division CN. group AS. For more field names, see the writeup on the WHO program.


Tim BL