VMS operating system

vmsnet.admin -Administration of the VMSnet newsgroups.

vmsnet.announce -General announcements of interest to all. (Moderated)

vmsnet.announce.newusers -Orientation info for new users. (Moderated)

vmsnet.decus.lugs -Discussion of DECUS Local User Groups and related issues.

vmsnet.employment -Jobs sought/offered, workplace and employment related issues.

vmsnet.internals -VMS internals, MACRO-32, Bliss, etc., gatewayed to MACRO32 list.

vmsnet.mail.misc -Other electronic mail software.

vmsnet.mail.mx -MX email system from RPI, gatewayed to MX mailing list.

vmsnet.mail.pmdf -PMDF email system, gatewayed to ipmdf mailing list.

vmsnet.misc -General VMS topics not covered elsewhere.

vmsnet.networks.desktop.misc -Other desktop integration software.

vmsnet.networks.desktop.pathworks -DEC Pathworks desktop integration software.

vmsnet.networks.management.decmcc -DECmcc and related software.

vmsnet.networks.management.misc -Other network management solutions.

vmsnet.networks.misc -General networking topics not covered elsewhere.

vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.cmu-tek -CMU-TEK TCP/IP package, gatewayed to cmu-tek-tcp+@andrew.cmu.edu.

vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.misc -Other TCP/IP solutions for VMS.

vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.multinet -TGV's Multinet TCP/IP, gatewayed to info-multinet.

vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.ucx -DEC's VMS/Ultrix Connection (or TCP/IP services for VS) product.

vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.wintcp -The Wollongong Group's WIN-TCP TCP/IP software.

vmsnet.pdp-11 -PDP-11 hardware and software, gatewayed to info-pdp11.

vmsnet.sources -Source code postings ONLY. (Moderated)

vmsnet.sources.d -Discussion about or requests for sources.

vmsnet.sources.games -Recreational software postings.

vmsnet.sysmgt -VMS system management.

vmsnet.test -Test messages.

vmsnet.tpu -TPU language and applications, gatewayed to info-tpu.

vmsnet.uucp -DECUS uucp software, gatewayed to vmsnet mailing list.

vmsnet.vms-posix -Discussion about VMS POSIX.

vmsnet.vms-posix -Discussion about VMS POSIX.