Talk - Gossip and discussion

talk.abortion -All sorts of discussions and arguments on abortion.

talk.bizarre -The unusual, bizarre, curious, and often stupid.

talk.environment -Discussion the state of the environment & what to do. -Evolution versus creationism (sometimes hot!).

talk.philosophy.misc -Philosophical musings on all topics.

talk.politics.animals -The use and/or abuse of animals.

talk.politics.china -Discussion of political issues related to China.

talk.politics.drugs -The politics of drug issues.

talk.politics.guns -The politics of firearm ownership and (mis)use.

talk.politics.mideast -Discussion & debate over Middle Eastern events.

talk.politics.misc -Political discussions and ravings of all kinds.

talk.politics.soviet -Discussion of Soviet politics, domestic and foreign. -Non-technical issues affecting space exploration.

talk.politics.theory -Theory of politics and political systems.

talk.rape -Discussions on stopping rape; not to be crossposted.

talk.religion.misc -Religious, ethical, & moral implications.

talk.religion.newage -Esoteric and minority religions & philosophies.

talk.rumors -For the posting of rumors.