sci.aeronautics -The science of aeronautics & related technology.

sci.anthropology -All aspects of studying humankind.

sci.aquaria -Only scientifically-oriented postings about aquaria.

sci.archaeology -Studying antiquities of the world.

sci.astro -Astronomy discussions and information.

sci.astro.fits -Issues related to the Flexible Image Transport System.

sci.astro.hubble -Discussing processing the Hubble Space Telescope data. (Moderated) -Biology and related sciences. -Any topic relating to biotechnology.

sci.chem -Chemistry and related sciences.

sci.classics -Studying classical history, languages, art and more.

sci.cognitive -Perception, memory, judgement and reasoning.

sci.comp-aided -The use of computers as tools in scientific research.

sci.cryonics -Theory and practice of biostasis, suspended animation.

sci.crypt -Different methods of data en/decryption.

sci.econ -The science of economics. -The science of education.

sci.electronics -Circuits, theory, electrons and discussions. -Discussions about energy, science & technology.

sci.engr -Technical discussions about engineering tasks.

sci.engr.biomed -Discussing the field of biomedical engineering.

sci.engr.chem -All aspects of chemical engineering.

sci.engr.civil -Topics related to civil engineering.

sci.engr.mech -The field of mechanical engineering.

sci.environment -Discussions about the environment and ecology.

sci.geo.fluids -Discussion of geophysical fluid dynamics.

sci.geo.geology -Discussion of solid earth sciences.

sci.geo.meteorology -Discussion of meteorology and related topics.

sci.image.processing -Scientific image processing and analysis.

sci.lang -Natural languages, communication, etc.

sci.lang.japan -The Japanese language, both spoken and written.

sci.logic -Logic -- math, philosophy & computational aspects.

sci.materials -All aspects of materials engineering.

sci.math -Mathematical discussions and pursuits.

sci.math.num-analysis -Numerical Analysis.

sci.math.research -Discussion of current mathematical research. (Moderated)

sci.math.stat -Statistics discussion.

sci.math.symbolic -Symbolic algebra discussion. -Medicine and its related products and regulations. -AIDS: treatment, pathology/biology of HIV, prevention. (Moderated) -Preventing, detecting & treating occupational injuries. -Preventing, detecting & treating occupational injuries. -Issues of physics in medical testing/care.

sci.military -Discussion about science & the military. (Moderated)

sci.misc -Short-lived discussions on subjects in the sciences.

sci.nanotech -Self-reproducing molecular-scale machines. (Moderated)

sci.optics -Discussion relating to the science of optics.

sci.philosophy.meta -Discussions within the scope of "MetaPhilosophy." -Technical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc.

sci.physics -Physical laws, properties, etc.

sci.physics.fusion -Info on fusion, esp. "cold" fusion.

sci.psychology -Topics related to psychology.

sci.psychology.digest -Psychology discussions and information. (Moderated)

sci.research -Research methods, funding, ethics, and whatever. -Issues relevant to careers in scientific research.

sci.skeptic -Skeptics discussing psuedo-science. -Space, space programs, space related research, etc. -Announcements of space-related news items. (Moderated) -The space shuttle and the STS program. -The theory and application of systems science.

sci.virtual-worlds -Modelling the universe. (Moderated)