misc.activism.progressive -Information for Progressive activists. (Moderated)

misc.books.technical -Discussion of books about technical topics.

misc.consumers -Consumer interests, product reviews, etc.

misc.consumers.house -Discussion about owning and maintaining a house.

misc.education -Discussion of the educational system.

misc.emerg-services -Forum for paramedics & other first responders.

misc.entrepreneurs -Discussion on operating a business.

misc.fitness -Physical fitness, exercise, etc.

misc.forsale -Short, tasteful postings about items for sale.

misc.forsale.computers -Computers and computer equipment for sale.

misc.handicap -Items of interest for/about the handicapped. (Moderated)

misc.headlines -Current interest: drug testing, terrorism, etc.

misc.int-property -Discussion of intellectual property rights.

misc.invest -Investments and the handling of money.

misc.invest.real-estate -Property investments.

misc.jobs.contract -Discussions about contract labor.

misc.jobs.misc -Discussion about employment, workplaces, careers.

misc.jobs.offered -Announcements of positions available.

misc.jobs.offered.entry -Job listings only for entry-level positions.

misc.jobs.resumes -Postings of resumes and "situation wanted" articles.

misc.kids -Children, their behavior and activities.

misc.legal -Legalities and the ethics of law.

misc.legal.computing -Discussing the legal climate of the computing world.

misc.misc -Various discussions not fitting in any other group.

misc.news.southasia -News from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, etc. (Moderated)

misc.rural -Devoted to issues concerning rural living.

misc.taxes -Tax laws and advice.

misc.test -For testing of network software. Very boring.

misc.wanted -Requests for things that are needed (NOT software).

misc.writing -Discussion of writing in all of its forms.