CERN newsgroups

These are of CERN local interest and not normally distributed outside CERN or HEP.

cern.aix6000 -CERN news on IBM R6000 workstations

cern.ap -Information on AP

cern.apollo -CERN news on Apollo workstations -Application Software -AT News system

cern.atari -New software selection, descriptions

cern.caseat -CASE for Accelerator and Technical Applications -CERN Users' office (Moderated)

cern.cmc -CERN Micro Club

cern.comm -CERN communication issues

cern.coopin -COOPIN News system

cern.cplear -Information on CPLEAR

cern.cse -Computing Support for Engineering at CERN

cern.csf -Central Simulation Facility

cern.dazix -Dazix-related issues

cern.delphi -Aliased to cern.delphi.announce

cern.delphi.announce -DELPHI announcements

cern.delphi.unix -DELPHI UNIX discussions

cern.ecp -Information on ECP

cern.ecp.admin -ECP news group for administrative matters (Moderated)

cern.ecp.ds -ECP/DS-group news -ECP news group for general matters (Moderated) -ECP chatter

cern.ecp_ds -Aliased to cern.ecp.ds

cern.ecpadmin -Aliased to cern.ecp.admin

cern.ecpnews -Aliased to

cern.ecptalk -Aliased to

cern.elcut -Notes de Coupure Electricite

cern.elpool -News from the Research Sector Electronics Pool

cern.general -Aliased to general

cern.h1cern -Information on H1CERN

cern.heplib -HEPLIB Discussion Group

cern.hepvm -HEPVMx discussion list

cern.hp -CERN news on Hewlett-Packard computers

cern.lear.control -Information on LEAR_CONTROL

cern.lear.users -Information on LEAR_USERS

cern.lear_contro -Aliased to cern.lear.control

cern.lear_users -Aliased to cern.lear.users

cern.lep -LEP Operation

cern.lhcstudy -Information on LHCSTUDY

cern.lhcwg -Information on LHCWG

cern.lpaw -PAW discussion list

cern.lynx -Postings about LynxOS

cern.mac -CERN news on Apple computers (Moderated) -Items for sale

cern.mis -Information on MIS

cern.na34 -Information on NA34

cern.na44 -NA44 News system

cern.nomad -Neutrino Oscillation MAgnetic Detector (WA96) -Liaison meetings of ONLINE -ORACLE News system

cern.os9 -CERN news on the os9 OS

cern.printing -Printing at CERN -PS News system -Amateur Radio Club

cern.rstb -Readout System Test Bench news

cern.sci -SCalable Interface news (Moderated) -SPS/LEP division

cern.sps -Information on SPS

cern.sting -Software Technology INterest Group (Moderated)

cern.strikeout -Softball club news

cern.student -Social life at CERN (students, fellows and everybody else)

cern.sun -CERN news on SUN computers

cern.sunflash -Product and other announcements from SUN -CERN chatterbox

cern.telecom -Information on external services and networks

cern.test -Test group

cern.test.mod -Test group (Moderated)

cern.testnews -Aliased to cern.test

cern.testnewskeu -Aliased to cern.test

cern.tex -Discussion of TEX/LATEX problems at CERN -Theory Division announcements

cern.tis -Technical Inspection and Safety commission -Information on courses organized by education service

cern.ua1 -Information on UA1

cern.ua2 -Information on UA2

cern.ultrix -ULTRIX-related news at CERN

cern.unix -General Unix-related matters -Information on US

cern.vaxmanagers -Topics for CERN VAX System Managers

cern.vaxusers -Aliased to cern.vms

cern.vme -VME-bus matters

cern.vmnews -Relayed VM news

cern.vms -Relayed VMS news

cern.vox_populi -Aliased to cern.voxpop

cern.voxpop -Vox Populi, letters to the CNL editor

cern.vxcern -Information of the VXCERN (VXCRNA/B/Z) cluster

cern.vxeng -Information of the VXENG cluster

cern.www.announce -World-Wide Web product announcements -World-Wide Web discussion list

cern.xenews -Information on XENEWS

cern.xn -WA77 and WA85

cern.xsoft -Cross-software at CERN

cern.yenews -Information on YENEWS