biz.americast -AmeriCast announcements.

biz.americast.samples -Samples of AmeriCast. (Moderated)

biz.clarinet -Announcements about ClariNet.

biz.clarinet.sample -Samples of ClariNet newsgroups for the outside world.

biz.comp.hardware -Generic commercial hardware postings. -Generic commercial service postings. -Generic commercial software postings.

biz.comp.telebit -Support of the Telebit modem.

biz.config -Biz Usenet configuration and administration.

biz.control -Control information and messages.

biz.dec -DEC equipment & software.

biz.dec.decnews -? (Moderated)

biz.dec.ip -IP networking on DEC machines.

biz.dec.turbochannel -?

biz.dec.workstations -DEC workstation discussions & info.

biz.dec.xmedia -?

biz.digex.announce -Services provided by Digital Express Group. (Moderated) -Position announcements.

biz.misc -Miscellaneous postings of a commercial nature.

biz.sco.announce -SCO and related product announcements. (Moderated)

biz.sco.binaries -? (Moderated)

biz.sco.general -Q&A, discussions and comments on SCO products.

biz.sco.opendesktop -ODT environment and applications tech info, q&a.

biz.sco.sources -? (Moderated)

biz.stolen -Postings about stolen merchandise.

biz.tadpole.sparcbook -Discussion of Tadpole Technology's SPARCbook products.

biz.tadpole.sparcbook -Discussion of Tadpole Technology's SPARCbook products.

biz.test -Biz newsgroup test messages.

biz.zeos -Information about Zeos International and its products.

biz.zeos.announce -Zeos product announcements. (Moderated)

biz.zeos.general -Zeos technical support and general information.