Alternative newsgroups

These are not moderated, and nor is the creation of the groups moderated. Therefore expect minority interests and weirdos. Distribution of these groups is not as complete as the others.

alt.3d -Discussions of 3 dimensional imaging.

alt.abortion.inequity -?

alt.activism -Activities for activists.

alt.activism.d -A place to discuss issues in alt.activism.

alt.aeffle.und.pferdle -German TV cartoon characters.

alt.alien.visitors -Space creatures ate my modem.

alt.angst -Anxiety in the modern world.

alt.appalachian -Appalachian region awareness, events, and culture.

alt.aquaria -The aquarium & related as a hobby.

alt.archery -Discussion of archery.

alt.artcom -Artistic Community.

alt.astrology -Twinkle, twinkle, little planet.

alt.atheism -Discussions of atheism.

alt.atheism.moderated -Atheism and related topics. (Moderated) -Discussion of all facets of older automobiles.

alt.bacchus -A newsgroup for the non-profit 'BACCHUS' organization.

alt.backrubs the right...aaaah!

alt.bbs -Computer BBS systems & software. -Ads for various computer BBS's.

alt.bbs.allsysop -SysOp concerns of ALL networks and technologies.

alt.bbs.internet -BBS systems accessible via the Internet.

alt.bbs.lists -Postings of regional BBS listings.

alt.bbs.lists.d -Discussion about regional BBS listings.

alt.bbs.unixbbs -?

alt.bbs.unixbbs.uniboard -?

alt.bbs.waffle -The Waffle UUCP BBS. -Good for what ales ya. -?

alt.binaries.multimedia -Sound, text and graphics data rolled in one. -Additional volume in the form of huge image files. -Discussion of postings to*. -Encoded erotic pictures. -? -Discussion about erotic pictures. -Copyright violations featuring mostly females. -Copyright violations featuring mostly males. -Discussion of the fine-art binaries. (Moderated) -Art from conventional media. (Moderated) -? (Moderated) -For postings of fractal-pictures. -Have we saturated the network yet? -Binary postings of especially tasteless. -Posting of pictures-related utilities.

alt.binaries.sounds.d -Sounding off.

alt.binaries.sounds.misc -Digitized audio adventures.

alt.birthright -Birthright Party propaganda. -?

alt.books.technical -?

alt.boomerang -Technology and use of the boomerang. -The born-again minister touring US campuses. -Multi-level (network) marketing businesses. -Re-regulation of the cable television industry.

alt.cad -Computer Aided Design.

alt.cad.autocad -CAD as practiced by customers of Autodesk.

alt.california -The state and the state of mind.

alt.callahans -Callahan's bar for puns and fellowship.

alt.cascade -For cascade experimentation and discussion. -Discussions of optical storage media.

alt.censorship -Discussion about restricting speech/press.

alt.child-support -Raising children in a split family.

alt.chinese.text -General postings of Chinese in a standard form. -? -Discussion about co-operatives.

alt.cobol -Use of the programming language COBOL.

alt.colorguard -Marching bands etc.

alt.comedy.british -Discussion of British comedy in a variety of media.

alt.comics.buffalo-roam -Comic strips (Where The Buffalo Roam) by Hans Bjordahl. -Academic freedom issues related to computers. (Moderated) -Academic freedom issues related to computers.

alt.conference-ctr -Conference Center Management Issues.

alt.config -Alternative subnet discussions and connectivity.

alt.consciousness -Discussions of all aspects of the essence of human consciousness.

alt.conspiracy -Be paranoid -- they're out to get you.

alt.conspiracy.jfk -Discussion of the JFK assassination.

alt.cosuard -Council of Sysops & Users Against Rate Discrimination.

alt.cult-movies -Movies with a cult following (e.g., Rocky Horror PS)

alt.culture.electric-midget -Waiting for the dwarf, or someone like him.

alt.culture.karnataka -Culture and language of the Indian state of Karnataka.

alt.culture.kerala -Discussion of the culture of the Keralite people worldwide.

alt.culture.tamil -Discussion of Tamil culture, history, etc.

alt.culture.tuva -Topics related to the Republic of Tuva. -Asian Indians in the US and Canada.

alt.culture.usenet -The USENET community.

alt.current-events.inet92 -Discussion about INET'92, Kobe, Japan.

alt.cyb-sys -Cybernetics and Systems.

alt.cyberpunk -High-tech low-life.

alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo -Literary virtual reality in a cyberpunk hangout.

alt.cyberpunk.movement -Cybernizing the Universe. -Cyberspace and Cyberpunk technology.

alt.cyberspace -Cyberspace and how it should work.

alt.dads-rights -Rights of fathers trying to win custody in court.

alt.dcom.catv -Discussion of Cable TV technology.

alt.dcom.telecom -Discussion of telecommunications technology.

alt.desert-storm -The war against Iraq in Kuwait.

alt.desert-storm.facts -For factual information on The Gulf War.

alt.desert-thekurds -What's happening to the Kurds in Iraq. -Deteriorata meets the Space Orphans.

alt.discrimination -Quotas, affirmative action, bigotry, persecution.

alt.divination -Divination techniques (e.g., I Ching, Tarot, runes).

alt.dreams -What do they mean?

alt.drugs -Recreational pharmaceuticals and related flames.

alt.drumcorps -Drum and bugle corps discussion (and related topics).

alt.earth_summit -? -Learning experiences for the disabled. -Learning over nets etc.

alt.emusic -Ethnic, exotic, electronic, elaborate, etc. music.

alt.evil -Tales from the dark side.

alt.exotic-music -Exotic music discussions.

alt.exploding.kibo -Perhaps just wishful thinking. -? -The works of Robert Lynn Asprin. -? -? -For discussion of the US Vice President. -Electronic fan club for humorist Dave Barry. -Fans of Andrew Dice Clay. -Author of "The Meaning of Liff", & other fine works. -The fantasy worlds of David Eddings. -Fans of Frank Zappa and Zappa related bands. -Fans of funny animals, ala Steve Gallacci's book. -? -Fans of the abrasive radio & TV personality. -? -Tygra, tygra, burning blight... -Appreciation of the Kent Montana Book Series. -The Kevin Darcy Appreciation Society. -Electronic fan club for animator Mike Jittlov. -Electronic fan club for those wacky Brits. -Fans of the Well of Souls, and all things Markovian... -Anne McCaffery's s-f oeuvre. -Artistical subjects related to Peter Hammill's music -The many works of author Piers Anthony. -Discussions about Terry Pratchett's works. -Fans of Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. -? -Fans of the conservative activist radio announcer. -Fans of author Tom Robbins. -Portland Oregon's favorite son. -? -? -Mocking net.gods and net.weenies.

alt.fandom.cons -Announcements of conventions (SciFi and others).

alt.fandom.misc -Other topics for fans of various kinds. -Discussions about the world of fashion.

alt.feminism -Unmoderated discussion of feminist issues.

alt.feminism -Unmoderated discussion of feminist issues. -Fishing as a hobby and sport.

alt.flame -Alternative, literate, pithy, succinct screaming. -College related folklore.

alt.folklore.computers -Stories & anecdotes about computers (some true!).

alt.folklore.ghost-stories -Ghost story folklore, personal experiences, etc. -The lore and folklore of science.

alt.folklore.urban -Urban legends, ala Jan Harold Brunvand. -? -? -?

alt.forgery -One place for all forgeries--crossposting encouraged.

alt.fractals -Fractals in math, graphics, and art.

alt.galactic-guide -Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Known Galaxy Project Group. -The Galactic Bloodshed conquest game. -Discussing the Atari Lynx and its games. -Mornington Cresent. -Street Fighter 2 videogame discussion. -Gateway for TORG mailing list. -All about a Star Trek game for X.

alt.gathering.rainbow -For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering

alt.gobment.lones -? -A place for some news that's good news.

alt.gopher -Discussions of gopher-news servers, clients, protocols.

alt.gorets -?

alt.gothic -The gothic movement: things mournful and dark.

alt.gourmand -Recipes & cooking info. (Moderated)

alt.grad-student.tenured -? -Discussion of pixmap utilities.

alt.great-lakes -Discussions of the Great Lakes and adjacent places.

alt.guitar -Guitar enthusiasts.

alt.guitar.bass -Bass guitars. -Discussions about guitar tablature music.

alt.hackers -Descriptions of projects currently under development. (Moderated)

alt.hackers.malicious -? -?

alt.homosexual -?

alt.horror -The horror genre.

alt.hurricane.andrew -For discussion of hurricane Andrew.

alt.hypertext -Discussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc.

alt.individualism -Philosophies where individual rights are paramount.

alt.industrial -The Industrial Computing Society.

alt.industrial.computing -?

alt.internet.access.wanted -Information about connecting to the Internet. -Information about services available on the Internet.

alt.irc -Internet Relay Chat material.

alt.irc.recovery -Kill your television... er, IRC client.

alt.job.gooley -Gooley jobs -A place for the pre-college set on the net.

alt.lang.asm -Assembly languages of various flavours.

alt.lang.basic -The Language That Would Not Die.

alt.lang.cfutures -Discussion of the future of the C programming language (not C++).

alt.lang.intercal -Discussion and tools for the Intercal language. -The ML and SML symbolic languages.

alt.lang.teco -The TECO editor language.

alt.locksmithing -Discussions about locksmithing.

alt.lucid-emacs.bug -Bug reports about Lucid Emacs. -Q&A and general discussion of Lucid Emacs.

alt.magic -For discussion about stage magic.

alt.magick -Discussion of magick and related arts and sciences.

alt.manga -Discussion of non-Western comics. -Can I get fries with that?

alt.meditation.transcendental -?

alt.messianic -Messianic traditions.

alt.missing-kids -Locating missing children.

alt.models -Model building, design, etc. -Harley Davidson motorcycles.

alt.msdos.programmer -For the serious MS/DOS programmer (no forsale ads).

alt.mud -?

alt.mud.german -For German-speaking MUD-er's.

alt.mud.lp -?

alt.mud.tiny -? -Discussion of "alternative" music. -Discussion of Enya's music. -? -? -Progressive rock, eg, Genesis, RUSH, Yes, et cetera. -Discussion of the rock group Rush. -?

alt.mythology -The understanding of human nature through the discussion of mythology.

alt.national.enquirer -Entertaining, utter drek.

alt.native -News and issues re Native Peoples (esp. in the Americas).

alt.newbies -? -?

alt.oobe -Out of Body Experiences.

alt.overlords -Discussions about the Omnipotent Overlords of the Omniverse.

alt.pagan -Discussions about paganism & religion.

alt.paranormal -Phenomena which are not scientifically explicable.

alt.parents-teens -Discussions about raising teenagers. -Parties, celebration and general debauchery.

alt.pcnews -Discussions about PCNews software.

alt.peace-corps -?

alt.peeves -Discussion of peeves & related.

alt.personals -Geek seeks Dweeb. Object: low-level interfacing. -Personal ads only, no discussions.

alt.personals.bondage -Tangled up in blue?

alt.personals.misc -Dweeb seeks Geek. Object: low-level interfacing.

alt.planning.urban -Urban and regional planning concepts.

alt.politics.british -?

alt.politics.bush -?

alt.politics.clinton -?

alt.politics.correct -For discussing the issue of political correctness.

alt.politics.elections -?

alt.politics.homosexuality -As the name implies.

alt.politics.perot -?

alt.polyamory -People with multiple romantic partners.

alt.postmodern -Postmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction, and the like.

alt.privacy -Privacy issues in cyberspace.

alt.prose -Postings of original writings, fictional & otherwise.

alt.prose.d -Discussions about postings in alt.prose.

alt.psychoactives -Drugs for the spirit rather than the body. -Fantasy virtual reality pub similar to alt.callahans.

alt.pulp -Paperback fiction, newsprint production, orange juice. -? -Discussion of scanning radio receivers.

alt.rap -For fans of rap music.

alt.rap-gdead -Fans of The Grateful Dead and Rap. Really.

alt.rave -?

alt.recovery -For people in recovery programs (e.g., AA, ACA, GA).

alt.religion.all-worlds -?

alt.religion.computers -People who believe computing is "real life."

alt.religion.emacs -The Two True Path.

alt.religion.kibology -He's Fred, Jim.

alt.religion.scientology -He's dead, Jim.

alt.restaurants -Discussion of nifty places to eat.

alt.revisionism -?

alt.rhode_island -Discussion of the great little state.

alt.rmgroup -For the people who like to rmgroup/newgroup things.

alt.rock-n-roll -Counterpart to and alt.drugs.

alt.rock-n-roll.acdc -Fans of the AC/DC rockband.

alt.rock-n-roll.hard -For the discussion of hard rock music.

alt.rock-n-roll.metal -For the headbangers on the net.

alt.rock-n-roll.metal.heavy -Non-sissyboy metal bands.

alt.rock-n-roll.metal.metallica -? -?

alt.rodney-king -Current events surrounding the Rodney King verdict.

alt.romance -Discussion about the romantic side of love. -Talk about no sex.

alt.rush-limbaugh -Fans of the conservative activist radio announcer.

alt.satanism -Not such a bad dude once you get to know him. -Environmentalist causes. -Programming of the Sound Blaster(tm).

alt.sci.astro.aips -National Radio Astronomy Observatories' AIPS.

alt.sci.astro.figaro -?

alt.sci.astro.fits -Technical matters of Flexible Image Transport Systems.

alt.sci.physics.acoustics -? -Scientific theories you won't find in journals. -Unmoderated security discussions. -Pointers to good stuff in (Moderated)

alt.self-improve -Self-improvement in less than 14 characters.

alt.sewing -Working with needle and thread. -Postings of a prurient nature. -Why do you think it is called "petting"? -Postings about dominance/submission. -Where one's SO is oneself. -Jesse Helms would not subscribe to this group. -Discussing the ins and outs of certain movies. -? -? -Sexually explicit tales. -Discussion of and requests for sexual stories. -Sex related questions of a technical nature. -Sex related questions of a technical nature. -?

alt.sexual.abuse.recovery -Helping others deal with traumatic experiences.

alt.sigma2.height -People far outside average height.

alt.skate -Rollerskating and skateboarding.

alt.skate-board -Skateboarding.

alt.skinheads -The skinhead culture/anti-culture.

alt.slack -Posting relating to the Church of the Subgenius.

alt.snowmobiles -High-horsepower sleds in the powder.

alt.society.ati -The Activist Times Digest. (Moderated)

alt.society.civil-disob -Discussions on civil disobedience.

alt.society.civil-liberties -Individual rights.

alt.society.civil-liberty -? -Postings about the Computer Underground. (Moderated)

alt.society.foia -Discussion regarding the Freedom of Information Act.

alt.society.futures -Events in technology affecting future computing.

alt.society.revolution -Discussions on revolutions.

alt.society.sovereign -?

alt.soft-sys.tooltalk -Discussion of ToolTalk related issues.

alt.sources -Alternative source code, unmoderated. Caveat Emptor.

alt.sources.amiga -Technically-oriented Amiga PC sources.

alt.sources.amiga.d -?

alt.sources.d -Discussion of posted sources.

alt.sources.index -Pointers to source code in alt.sources.*. (Moderated)

alt.sources.patches -Reposted patches from non-.bugs groups.

alt.sources.wanted -Requests for source code.

alt.spleen -? -Discussion of the art and the sport of bowling. -Like alt.suicide with rubber bands. -Discussions about the game of darts. -Indoor splatball with infrared lasers. -The game/art/sport of splatball.

alt.stagecraft -?

alt.startrek.creative -Stories and parodies related to Star Trek.

alt.stupidity -Discussion about stupid newsgroups.

alt.suburbs -? -Talk of why suicides increase at holidays.

alt.suit.att-bsdi -AT&T's lawsuits against BSDI.

alt.supermodels -The discussion of famous and beautiful models. -Dealing with emotional situations & experiences. -? -? -? -Discussion group for people affected by MS.

alt.surfing -Riding the ocean waves.

alt.sys.amiga.demos -Code and talk to show off the Amiga.

alt.sys.amiga.uucp -AmigaUUCP.

alt.sys.amiga.uucp.patches -Patches for AmigaUUCP.

alt.sys.intergraph -Support for Intergraph machines.

alt.tasteless -Truly disgusting.

alt.test -Alternative subnetwork testing.

alt.text.dwb -Discussion of the AT&T Documenter's WorkBench.

alt.thrash -Skateboards and thrashlife.

alt.timewasters -?

alt.tla -Palindromic fun, or else Three-Letter-Acronyms.

alt.toolkits.xview -The X windows XView toolkit.

alt.toon-pics -?

alt.true-crime -To balance out all the false crime on the net. -Fans of the new "The Antagonists" TV show. -? -? -Fans of LA Law. -Melrose Place, a spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210. -Fans of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. -Fans of the Muppets, TV shows & movies. -The Prisoner television series from years ago. -For the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. -Fans of Nik's Ren & Stimpy show. -? -Don't have a cow, man! -Discussions about Itchy 'N' Scratchy. -Dicussion about the "Tiny Toon Adventures" show. -Discussion about the popular (and unusual) TV show.

alt.usage.english -English grammar, word usages and related subjects.

alt.usenet.recovery -Usenet junkies.

alt.uu.announce -?

alt.uu.announce -Announcements of Usenet University.

alt.uu.comp.misc -?

alt.uu.comp.misc -Discussion of the Usenet University Computer Department.

alt.uu.future -Teaching and learning in the Usenet University.

alt.uu.lang.esperanto.misc -?

alt.uu.lang.esperanto.misc -Learning Esperanto.

alt.uu.lang.misc -?

alt.uu.lang.misc -Discussion of the Usenet University Language Department.

alt.uu.math.misc -?

alt.uu.math.misc -Discussion of the Usenet University Math Department.

alt.uu.misc.misc -Misc. department of Usenet University

alt.uu.misc.misc -Miscellaneous departments of Usenet University. -? -Tools useful in self-education and distance learning.

alt.uu.virtual-worlds.misc -?

alt.uu.virtual-worlds.misc -Learning about virtual worlds & virtual reality. -? -US Government Visas.

alt.wais -The Wide Area Information Service.

alt.war -Not just collateral damage.

alt.war.civil.usa -The US Civil war of 1861-1865.

alt.whine -? -The shared-world project "Taeis".

alt.zines -?