Reading News with W3

The lists of internet newsgroups are provided to allow you to browse through to see what is available. Some of the parts have been edited by hand to make them easier to read, some parts have been automatically generated.

You will only be able to read a newsgroup if your LOCAL newsserver carries it -- with W3 just like with any other newsreader. This is because, wheras W3 normally works by reading the information directly from source, when it reads news it looks for the nearest copy which has been broadcast over the news network. That is how news works, and it is illegal to pass it on in other ways. Sites differ in which sets of news they deem useful and appropriate.

If you have trouble reading news, its probably because you haven't told your W3 browser what news server to use. See instructions .

Finding news people

There is an index of people who have contributed news recently which is a useful source of mail addresses.


Tim BL