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Date: 11 Mar 92 17:02 From: Thomas Lenggenhager <> Sender: To: rare-wg3-usis <> Reply-To: Thomas Lenggenhager <> Subject: unix-listserv v. 5.41 RFC-822-HEADERS: X400-Received: by mta in /PRMD=UK.AC/ADMD= /C=GB/; Relayed; Wed, 11 Mar 1992 17:02:55 +0000 X400-Received: by /PRMD=switch/ADMD=arcom/C=ch/; Relayed; Wed, 11 Mar 1992 17:03:53 +0000 X400-Originator: X400-Mts-Identifier: [/PRMD=switch/ADMD=arcom/C=ch/;920311180353] X400-Content-Type: P2-1984 (2) Content-Identifier: 7305 ================== At the Brussels meeting I promised to send some info on an italian implementation of listserv for UNIX. I am sorry that I couldn't find any hint on it in my directory tree. But fortunately enough in the recent days, a new implementation was distributed in alt.sources. The introduction I include below. I hope it is of interest. If you don't have access to alt.sources you may contact me to get the file. It is a three part posting. Regards, Thomas =============================================================================== Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCH, Limmatquai 138, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland INET: | Tel: +41 1 261 8178 | Fax: +41 1 261 8133 X.400: C=CH;ADMD=arCom;PRMD=SWITCH;O=SWITCH;S=Lenggenhager >From: (Anastasios Kotsikonas) Newsgroups: alt.sources Subject: unix-listserv v. 5.41 1/3 Message-ID: <> Date: 6 Mar 92 14:58:05 GMT Article-I.D.: bu.99563 Sender: Reply-To: (Tasos Kotsikonas) Organization: Computer Science Department, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA Lines: 1524 This is a system that implements various discussion lists with one list server. It is automated, and obliterates the need for user intervention and maintenance of multiple aliases of the form "list, list-owner, list-request", etc. There is support provided for public and private hierarchical archives, moderated lists, peer lists, peer servers, private lists, address aliasing, news connections and gateways, mail queueing, list ownership, owner preferences, crash recovery, and batch processing. It has been ported to all major platforms. The system is also available via anonymous ftp from in the directory pub/listserv, and this is the place where fixes, if any, are made available. The list served by has been set up to discuss issues about this system. Enjoy!