Listserv for unix

See overview. Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 12:32:00 PDT From: Brewster Kahle <> Sender: The robot works pretty well. I got my copy from EFF.

below is the posting.

-brewster >From Wed Oct 2 14:25:19 1991 Received: from by (4.1/SMI-4.0) id AA04053; Wed, 2 Oct 91 14:25:07 PDT Return-Path: <> Received: from Think.COM by; Wed, 2 Oct 91 17:28:16 -0400 Received: from by Early-Bird.Think.COM; Wed, 2 Oct 91 17:28:11 EDT Received: by id AA01700 (5.65c/IDA-1.4.4 for brewster@Think.COM); Wed, 2 Oct 1991 17:27:40 -0400 Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1991 17:27:40 -0400 From: "Carl M. Kadie" <> Message-Id: <> To: Cc: brewster@Think.COM,, In-Reply-To: Christopher Davis's message of Wed, 2 Oct 1991 17:11:29 -0400 <> Subject: listserv for unix ================= README ----------------- Computers and Academic Freedom (CAF) Archive This is an electronic library of information about computers and academic freedom. It is available via anonymous ftp to ( in directory "pub/academic". It is also available via email. For information on email access send email to In the body of your note include the lines "help" and "index". For more information, to make contributions, or to report typos contract Carl Kadie ( ================= listserv.tar ----------------- Listserv code for Unix We got the code from UCSD. We improved it (mostly with modifications to the Makefile). Sadly, there is no real documention. ================= listserv2.shar ----------------- A better version of listserv from A. E. Mossberg,