Access to the CONCISE service is through electronic mail (Email). The sequence of actions that follows may be repeated as often as you want, and is the basic mechanism for all access to the service: If you do not have access to an electronic mail service, then you should contact your local or national network or computer services organisation, and ask them what to do.

In order to mail the CONCISE service, you need to know its electronic mail address. Both the addresses for the CONCISE service given below give access to the same service. The one you use depends on the electronic mail system you have access to. Choose the one that has the same format as other addresses you mail to. If in doubt, see your local network or computer services organisation.

******************************************************************* * C=GB; ADMD= ; PRMD=Level-7 Ltd; O=CONCISE; S=CONCISE * ******************************************************************* ******************************************************************* * * *******************************************************************