CONCISE: User Guide

The CONCISE information server has a database of information that can be accessed by electronic mail. The server stores information about networks, networking tools and projects as well as other matters that are of pan-European interest.

This document gives an introduction to the CONCISE information server, and explains a little about how to use it. As you read the examples in " Commands ", it would be a good idea to try each one of them out. After reading this you should be able to make basic use of the service. Along with this introduction, there is a CONCISE reference manual, which is more detailed and somewhat longer. It is suggested that this introduction is read first, following which most of the basic commands can be tried; the reference manual can then be used to get detailed information about the commands if necessary. [See also: other data sources , Internet sources ]

How to Start
How to access the system
What information is stored
Am overview of the information in the system
How the information is structured
Commands which you put into you mail message
Advanced topics
Multiple commands, Limiting message size, Personal reminders.
More examples
An example session
More Help
Contacting CONCISE or getting the documentation
[Note: this information was extracted from the CONCISE server and formatted for online access by TBL on 9 Oct 91. It may be out of date when you read it. See also RARE WG3]