How to get help

Sending commands to CONCISE

If you have problems using your electronic mail system, and you are not able to send a message to CONCISE, then you should contact your local network or computer services department. They should be able to tell you how to get started. Take this document with you and show them the addresses you are trying to send to.

Problems with the CONCISE commands

To get more information on the commands available you can read this manual, read the reference manual, or use the `help' command (see section 5.1).

Another copy of this user manual may be obtained by sending the following message to CONCISE:

start // Returns 'CONCISE user manual' goto /COSINE/concise/cug info A copy of the full reference manual may be obtained by sending the following message to CONCISE: start // Returns 'CONCISE reference manual' goto /COSINE/concise/cref info

Other problems

For all problems regarding the use of the service, a help desk is available. This is able to advise on matters such as: It is also available to receive comments about the service. Comments about the information stored, the commands available, the use of the help desk itself, or other aspects of the service will be accepted by the help desk.

To contact the help desk, send electronic mail to one of the following addresses:

******************************************************************* * C=GB; ADMD=" "; PRMD=Level-7 Ltd; O=Level-7 Ltd; * * OU=CONCISE; OU=helpdesk * ******************************************************************* ******************************************************************* * * ******************************************************************* If you are unable to get a message through via electronic mail or you do not receive a reply by the next day, then either telephone or fax your query to : ****************************** * Tel: +44 344 360 049 * ****************************** ****************************** * Fax: +44 344 868 442 * ****************************** or write to: ****************************** * CONCISE help desk * * c/o Level-7 Ltd. * * Centennial Court * * Easthampstead Road * * Bracknell * * Berkshire RG12 1YQ * * UK * ****************************** Always include an X.400 or other electronic mail address if you have one. A reply will be sent within one working day. If possible, the reply will answer the query directly, but if this is not possible within one day, then an acknowledgement will be sent, and the reply will be sent as soon as possible.