CONCISE commands

This section is designed to introduce the commands (ie. the instructions) that you can give to CONCISE. It is suggested that you try each of the commands in turn as you read through the text. Use your electronic mail system; send a message to the CONCISE service at one of the addresses given in section 2, and where you usually type the message itself, type in the commands given below. Send the message in the usual way, and wait to see what reply you get. The reply may come back in a few minutes, or you might have to wait longer depending on the speed of the electronic mail.

At the beginning of each message, before any of the commands are put in, you must include the following line:

start This tells CONCISE to start obeying commands, anything put before this line will be ignored. See the following sections on other commands:
Getting help
goto, top, up
Moving around the tree
Getting indexes of daat under a node
info, overview
getting information about a node or an overview of it.
Using keywords to find information
Making comments and asking questions about CONCISE
Automatic Flagging of New Information