Moving around

There are two types of information you can get in CONCISE: the first is an overview of the information; this sends you a summary, who wrote the information, when it was written, and various details of a similar nature. The second is the information itself; this is a file (potentially large) containing information about the subject in question. The commands to get these types of information, `overview' and `info' are discussed in 5.4.

The basic way to do anything on the CONCISE service is to go to the place, and then perform the action. For example, suppose an overview of netnews is required. Netnews is located at /Services/netnews. The `goto' command will move you around, the `overview' command can be used to get an overview, so the following commands will retrieve the overview on electronic mail:

start goto /Services/netnews overview A message may have a number of commands in it, so you can move around several times in one message. Before CONCISE starts to obey the commands you have sent, it puts you at the top of the information, that is at one level above COSINE, Networks and Services. From there you can go anywhere you want.

Commands that allow movement around the different items are:

goes straight to the item specified;
goes to the top of the information, ie. where you start from;
moves up one level from where you are, eg. if you are at /Services/netnews and you use the `up' command, you will got to /Services.