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22 Mar 91 13:50:13 GMT

Computer & Info Sci Ohio State Univ Columbus, OH 43210

[From Newsgroups: comp.cog-eng . HCI is "Human-Computer Interface". See also: their README file - TBL] I apologize to those of you who had problems accessing the HCI Bibliography via anonymous ftp. I was given information that made me give you a symbolic machine name that only worked most of the time. Instead of: please use ftp to access: Full revised instructions follow. Internet/Anonymous FTP Access: To access files in the HCI Bibliography, internet users can use FTP (file-transfer-protocol) to copy files and programs to their machines. See the file named README for more information about the contents of files and for information about how to contact publishers of the works. To log in to the archive machine, use the login name: "anonymous" and provide your internet account name as your password. The messages provided by ftp are unbelievably cryptic; many users can not distinguish between positive feedback and messages about unrecoverable errors, so ignore them and plod along. In the following example, where much of the output from ftp is left out, the following conventions are used. "$" is your system's prompt text after "#" is a comment you type in text after the ":" and the ">" "ftp>" is the prompt from the file transfer program File transfer rates will vary, so try something small first. $ mkdir mybib # make a directory where you will keep your copy $ cd mybib # set transfer directory before ftp $ ftp # to reach our archive; obscure text will follow Name (...): anonymous # user logs in with standard anon ftp name Password: yourname@yoursite # use your name and your site for identification ftp> cd pub/hcibib # go to HCI Bibliography directory ftp> dir # to get a listing of what's there ftp> get README # to retrieve a file ftp> prompt # to toggle (turn off) interactive prompting ftp> mget * # interactively retrieve all files ftp> quit # to leave ftp when done -- Name: Gary Perlman | Computer and Information Science Department Email: | Ohio State University, 228 Bolz Hall Phone: 614-292-2566 | 2036 Neil Avenue Mall Fax: 614-785-9837 or 292-9021 | Columbus, OH 43210-1277 USA </A> </A>