Areas of interest

Papers for presentation at the conference are solicited in the following areas:

Dealing with the Information Explosion

Managing Global Network Information Services

The Electronic Library

User / Customer Support

Help Desks, Documentation, Reaching the Customers

Assessing Customer Needs

Special Interest Communities

Group Communication Technologies & Services - "Groupware"

Networking for Schools

Delivering Messaging to the Desktop

Beyond ASCII . Character sets, Multimedia . Creating, Encoding, Receiving

Economic Aspects of Networking . Bandwidth, E-mail Access, Efficiency, Control

Recent European Networking Developments


Please submit title and abstract, by mail, fax or PREFERRABLY e-mail, not later than 31 May 1992 to: Hans Deckers (DECK@FRORS12.BITNET) EARN Office c/o CIRCE BP 167 F91403 Orsay France Tel: +33 1 6982 3973 Fax: +33 1 6928 5273