Draft Programme for the Evening Lecture Demonstrations

Note the "duration" is MAXIMUM time of actual demo. A safety gap of 5 minutes between demos is allowed for swopping over and for the next demoer to get ready. It will be needed. Also two 10 minute breaks are built in to help attendees and demoers to get through the evening! and to allow for contingencies. It is the demonstrators responsibility to ensure that their software is installed and working. Every effort should be made to keep to time. Please try to do this and help to make this session a success. (See also - List of Demos) Time Duration Demo. Contact Equipment ========================================================================= 19:30 10min D1 Paradise Goodman Sun Sparc1 10min D2 X-Tel DUAs Robbins Sun Sparc1 10min D3 Brunel/JNT DUAs Findlay Sun Sparc1 + PC 20:15 10min D4 DS access via MHS Carracedo PC 20:30 10min Break 20:40 10min O3 EAN GUI Tschudin SUN Sparc1 10min O6 FTAM (Argosi) Planes Umatic Video 10min I1 CONCISE Maude vt100 10min I6 Merit Cruise Kelleher Colour Mac 21:40 10min Break 21:50 10min I4 BIDS Morrow PC+vt100 10min I2 World Wide Web Berners-Lee XDisplay+PC+Mac 10min I3 Gopher, WAIS etc BernersLee/AWG XDisplay+PC+Mac 22:30 End of demonstrations Jill Foster